August 10

1 page, 1 goal


Here’s the hard and fast rule: 1 page, 1 goal.

We’ll call this goal your “most wanted action.” Why? Because there are likely other actions you’d like your visitors to take, but you must focus in on one per page.

For example, let’s say you want visitors on your home page to end up on the pricing page. However, it’d also be pretty nice if they submitted their email and signed up for your newsletter.

So, what’s your most wanted action? To find out, ask yourself two questions…

1 – What’s the action you want your visitors to take most?
2 – What action do your visitors want to take most?

The second question will ensure you’re being realistic. Using the same example, your visitors might not be ready to navigate to the pricing page yet. Perhaps they don’t know enough about your product or that’s too big of a commitment for their level of intent.

⭐️ Your most wanted action should be simple, distraction-free and realistic. ⭐️

Your goal, as an optimizer, is to focus your visitors’ attention on the most wanted action.

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