You know That Friend who… well… sucks at telling stories?

Oh my god, I have this one friend who goes on and on and on and ON about her cats. It’s like my aunt Eleanore all over again.

Have you ever had to pay attention to multiple interweaving stories about multiple cats in multiple have-to-dig-nails-into-palm-to-stay-awake-boring scenarios? (Cats are fine, stories about cats are fine, but THERE IS A LIMIT AND MY SANITY CAN ONLY BE PUSHED SO FAR)

Truth be told, there are PUH-LENTY of ways to suck at storytelling.

And here’s one way…

Telling stories out of order.

It is SRRRSLY confusing.

You will lose your reader like THAT *snaps fingers* if you confuse them.

So keep your writing (examples, instructions, the whole shebang) chronological so it makes sense!

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Keep it chronological

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