“Get the name of the dog.”

It’s an old journalist mantra and the lesson goes waaaaay beyond “Breaking News”.

When you’re writing, include the nitty gritty.

The name of the dog.

The shape of the lint you pulled out of your pocket when you were nervously trying to distract yourself before that big client call that changed EVERYTHING.

The sound of the envelope sliding through the mailbox flap on your front door as your dog goes wild – and your stomach lurched.. This could be IT. Was THIS the day the letter from your #1 university would arrive? And what does it say? Whether you get in or not, your life is about to change forever…

Little details make your story SO much more relatable and puts people in the moment so THEY ARE THERE WITH YOU. Emotional connection – made!

How can you “get the name of the dog” about your clients? What makes them tick? What does their day look like? Know this so you can use it when you need to.

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