“Oh gawd I have to write 30 emails for my launch – how do you even WRITE 30 emails? Can we use single words? Can we just send a picture of Beyonce and hope they’ll buy my course?”

Queen Bey knows how to sell a thing or two but I don’t think she’s gonna help you here.

Writing can be crazy daunting.

Whether it’s an email sequence, a course, – maybe even a blog post – just THINKING about it can make you wish you’d stuck to your middle-school career of delivering papers.

But it’s WAAAAAY less scary if you break it down into parts!

Like that email launch sequence…

Sales sequence
Closing sequence

… and each one is only 5ish or so emails. 5 lil’ emails! You can do that, right?!

YEAH you can!

::::: Writamin #25 :::::
Break it down now

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