April 29

3 fatal lead magnet mistakes (and how to fix ‘em!)


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3 fatal lead magnet mistakes (and how to fix ‘em!)

First off… I’m guilty of ALL OF THESE.




You are not alone.

But you also shouldn’t struggle in that deep water by yourself.

Let’s get into it!

It’s a subscriber magnet, not a lead magnet

It’s juicy enough for people to want… but it doesn’t actually lead anywhere.

You want to provide the clear next step.

I see people building their list with a juicy opt in but when they make a paid offer, it’s similar but not the next step.

Give people more of what they want by giving more of what they raised their hand for.

One easy way to do this is to work backwards from your paid offer.

How can you break that down into a small, inexpensive purchase?

And take that and make a free opt in based on that?

Now, you’ve got a clear path from opt in to core offer.

It’s a lot easier to reverse engineer your offer as opposed to making a lead magnet and trying to figure out how exactly it should lead up into your offer.

Ladder people up!

It’s too much
It’s too damn much.

Bigger is not better!

Don’t make a monster opt in. It’s easy to fall for the trap of, “I’m giving lots of value!”

But REALLY what you’re doing is overwhelming them.

This is one of the most dangerous and insidious things. Because when people are overwhelmed, they don’t take action. (More about this lil’ nugget later!)

Think of a good opt in like Advil or Tylenol.

It’s easy to take.
It works quickly.
It solves one specific problem.

Don’t try and solve All The Things. Just give them relief to ONE immediate pain they’re experiencing now.

It won’t solve everything. But it will solve *something* that’s valuable.  

And this leads into my next point…

It’s not actionable  
Don’t give theoretical information. It’s nice, but it doesn’t make for a good lead magnet.

People want results.

And that requires ACTION!

When they don’t take action, they don’t get results.

Without the results, they don’t see how you or your product can help them.

You’ve killed that lead.

(You’ve killed it with kindness… but still. They’re not a lead anymore.)

On the flip side, get them results and they’ll see the AWESOME possibilities of working with you!

A few extra ideas…

Some of the best performing lead magnets across all kinds of industries include…


Cheat sheets

Quick guides

Top tools list 

Trying to find what your lead magnet should be about?  One good Q to ask…

‘If I could just…’

It will normally point to a specific headache-type problem – ideal for a lead magnet!

If I could just figure out how to put the Facebook pixel on my website. 

If I could just get a couple go-to healthy meal ideas I could make quickly.

If I could just figure out what I need to start making half-decent videos.



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    • You can totally do it! ❤️. I’m a tech Luddite. I swear Facebook tests things on me, then moves on to grandmas to see if they can get it. Just follow step by step!

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