Soooo you write your homepage/course outline/business idea and share it with…

Your bestie

Your mom

Your mom’s old neighbour who moved to another continent 3 decades ago

Your massage therapist

Some randos in a Facebook group

Aaaaaaand they ALL. HAVE. AN OPINION.

And they’re all totally different. Some good. Some bad. But mostly, you’re just hella confused now.

But you know what?

Most of the time, these opinions don’t count for much.

You need feedback from the people who matter about this…

Your future clients and customers!

They’re the ones to hear yay or nay from, to take advice from, and to find ways to make it even better to help them.

So take advice from sources other than your ideal clients with a grain of salt.

Money talks, so let people who would spend the money talk!

::::: Writamin #3:::::
Only ask for the feedback that matters

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