The 3 video launch explained (Cliff Notes version)

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Let’s face it – you’ve been trying to reverse-engineer these ‘video launches’ and it’s kind of giving you a headache.

There are SO many moving parts. What connects to what? What can you do away with, and what’s essential?

This will walk you through the super bare-bones components of a video launch. Nothin’ fancy – no tags, no segmentation, no bridge emails. And if none of that made sense to you, that’s totally OK! You’ll get there.

First thing’s first – getting this launch off the ground. You can always experiment and add on later. For now let’s stick to the KISS principle and get the 30-thousand foot view of the moving parts.

Landing pages

This is where people opt in and exchange their email address for access to the video. You can have a ‘workshop-style’ opt in page before the videos go live, and also separate landing pages for each video.

Delivery pages

These are the gated pages where people can actually watch the videos. Only people who’ve opted in through the landing pages get access.


Emails are the connective tissue between the landing and delivery pages. People sign up through a landing page, and will be given the link to the delivery page through email.

If the videos are currently live when someone opts in, often the video will be shown on the thank you page. Even if you do provide a video thank you page, you should still automatically have an email be sent with a link to the video delivery page as well.

Now you see how all of these parts work together, simply – landing pages are connected to delivery pages through email.

Have you seen a video launch sequence lately you LOVED? I’d love to hear who it was by! Drop me the name in the comments. I might want to check it out myself next time!

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