Crazy excited that it feels like you’re sliding down a rainbow into a strawberry margarita pool?

So “in the moment” you could confidently tap dance in the subway while not giving 2 effs what anyone thinks?

Or so anxious in that crowded room you wish you could play Wallflower and sink back into the walls, unnoticed?

How can you camouflage yourself at a networking event, simultaneously shaming yourself for not “getting out there” while wanting to charf up your breakfast wrap and coffee?

When you’re on a wild emotional high… or low…

Write about the experience.

Capture how you feel IN THAT MOMENT.


Feelings and emotions sell.

If you know exactly what it feels like, you can use that later in your writing to authentically convey the emotion you’re trying to elicit.

(It doesn’t have to be related to what you’re selling, either!)

So write down what you’re thinking and feeling when you’re riding out an emotional extreme.

Are you going to start a special notebook for this? Or use your phone? (I’m all about the digital version for this, myself!)

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