4 “so obvious it hurts” questions I’ll ask if you want me to mentor you

“Hi Katie. I really, really, really want to be a copywriter. Like, REALLY. I was wondering if you could mentor me?”

I get messages like this pretty often, and I’m incredibly flattered people would consider me mentor-worthy.

Plus, I seriously love teaching people when I have time. But there’s a whole buncha things to consider. Here are the first big 4 questions…

“What’s the URL for your blog?”

Wrong answer: “I don’t have one”

A writer writes.  How are you a writer if you don’t… write?

We live in a MAGICAL time where you don’t even need your own freakin’ website to do so!

Open an account on Medium.

Start a Facebook page and use the Notes app so you have text formatting.

Heck, even write epic Instagram posts. You can easily write posts which rival a blog any day of the week! And these tools are all…

PS… You could argue it’s content not copy, but that’s a lame excuse for these intents and purposes. It’s like someone who sings Broadway versus pop. It’s still singing. And in this case, it’s still writing.

“Can you send me some writing samples?”

Wrong answer: “I don’t have any”

If the last thing you’ve written was some “compare and contrast” school paper a decade ago, maaaaaaaybe you should pick up a pen or hit the keyboard to see if you still even LIKE writing.

Because as a copywriter, you’re going to do a lot of it.

Why not figure out now if it has a whisper of chance to be your Thing… by seeing if you even ENJOY the writing process?

Hot tip: get a standing desk. Thank me later.

“What books have you read about copywriting?”

Wrong answer: “none”

You can One-Click from Amazon and be halfway through a book’s introduction faster than you could heat up a Pita Pocket.

Why you’d want to eat something that vile is another issue entirely.

My point is, you could get and devour books about copywriting without even leaving the house. Or putting on pants.

Whatever your biggest sticking point is… that barrier basically doesn’t exist.

To the “I don’t have money to buy a book” objection, I’ve got one word to help ya: library.

“What courses have you taken about copywriting?”

Wrong answer: “zero”

Again, you can instantly sign up and access many courses without affecting your aversion to wearing pants or leaving the house.

Yes, these are more expensive than a book – but in most cases will take you further.

And when starting a new career, don’t you WANT to learn as much as you can?

Some things are SERIOUSLY worth investing in.

Speaking of investing…

Time is precious. Valuable. Limited.

Am I going to invest my time into someone who hasn’t even invested in THEMSELVES yet?

You’ve gotta take a chance on you, first.

Make the effort. It doesn’t take loads of time or money, but at least show you’re betting on yourself and doing your best to get into the starting box.

Here’s a common saying I will undoubtably butcher, but the sentiment is there… “Good things happen to those who are ready.”

So get ready!

XOXO – Momo

PS… and when you do reach out, pleeeeeease make sure your email isn’t riddled with errors. It doesn’t breed confidence if every 3rd word is misspelled and you haven’t mastered solid use of a comma.

(I get we’re on phones… I even wrote this ENTIRE post on a phone… but still.  Errors happen and I ain’t perfect either, but do your best.  Cast a glance over before hitting “Send” and we’ll both avoid that awkward conversation!)

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