5 ways blogging helps your business

Blogging.  It’s good for business.

You’ve probably heard that blogging is great for business.  But do you know why?  The reasons are darn good!


Keep on reading to find out the top 5 powerful ways that blogging helps your business.


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1 – It builds a relationship

Sharing helpful information helps you (and your business) become known and trusted. It’s a chance for you to use your voice and share your perspective.


The best performing blogs are written in a conversational style so people can relate to it. Even formal and regulated businesses, like a law firm for example, can use a blog to become more ‘human’ and talk like regular people instead of gibberish lawyer-speak.


People want to business with people, not businesses. Show the beautiful person you are! You have a voice, thoughts, opinions – share them!

2 – It helps you be found online

Search engines love fresh content.  Blogging consistently feeds the search engine fire with the content it wants!


Google’s entire jam is to provide searchers with useful, relevant search results.  The more you blog, the more specific you can get with answering questions – and the more keywords you’ll use.


Search engines can be your friend. Google wants great information, and you want to be found.  Blogging consistently is a win-win for both.

3 – It establishes you as a leader

Show what you know!  It’s a lot more powerful than simply telling people what you know.


Be generous. Share your knowledge, show your expertise, and you will become influential in your niche – and people will naturally follow you.

4 – It’s the engine for your digital marketing

Digital marketing relies on the sharing of information.


Blogging and social media go hand in hand. What you publish on your blog will be shared across all your social media platforms – so now you have something valuable to offer on the social web!

You share your juicy blog post on social media, and that draws people back to your website to read it.  (If you’ve ever heard the term inbound marketing before, this is what we’re talkin’ about!)  It draws people to your to website instead of you going out and trying to find people.


Now they’re exactly where you want them – on your website!  YEAH!  Hopefully they fall in lurve with what you’re offering.


But even if they don’t take action right away (which, let’s be honest, they probably won’t), now you can retarget them with Facebook ads… but that’s another story.

5 – it gives people something to share

When you share your blog post on social media, you want it to be so good that it compels people to take action – because it’s too good not to!


When they comment, like, or best – share –  it with their followers, it increases your reach to their network.  Helloooooo, exposure!


We like that.  A lot.  (And, um, feel free to share this post if you wanna see the magic in action.  You know, as an experiment.)


OK, we’ve covered how important blogging is for business.  But still – how do you blog in a way which actually makes a difference to your business?  That’s a different story – and I can help you out.


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