6 Facebook Essentials for Entrepreneurs

So I rarely share business stuff to my personal profile. For good reason too – it’s against Facebook terms and conditions, plus my friends really don’t care about my business. (I mean they care because it’s mine, but that’s where it ends. I don’t want to spam them with irrelevant promotional posts.)

BUT… A lot of us build business relationships on Facebook. This may even be your number 1 way people connect with you.

When someone scopes out your profile, make it crystal clear what you do and where they can find you.

1 – Profile picture

No, I don’t think your personal profile should be super business-y.

But it should, you know, look somewhat nice.

Maybe that epic time crushed a beer can on your head is not the best thing to highlight. (Unless you’re my like my friend Luke who owns a drinking game biz. Hiiii Luke! 🙋)

It’s best if it’s a picture of just you, so people know who they’re talking to. It’s fun to have a pic of you and your bestie, but it’s pretty teeny anyway – there are better places for it where you can see both of your shining faces more!

2 – Cover photo

Update your cover photo so it reflects your business.

I just show my logo and give the ‘feel’ of my business, but I’ve seen Call To Actions to join groups, text on the image with URLs, that kind of thing.  

In the description you can put a link to your website, opt in, group, etc.

3 – Update your bio

At the time of this writing you can only update your bio from your phone app.

Your bio is one of the first things people see when they check out your Facebook profile.

Use this juicy real estate to explain what you do.

You’ve got only 150 characters of precious real estate to make a BIG impact!

You can also drop a link – think your opt in, website, Facebook group, whatever suits your strategy best.

Links here aren’t clickable, so make a direct URL so it’s easy to remember instead of www.facebook.com/group/837378272827728262.

🔥 Hot tip: Buy a domain name with your Facebook group’s name so it’s easy for people to remember and type. Set the link to redirect to your Facebook group.  Like jointhecopyroom.com!

4 – Work information

Put your business as your work. Easy peasy!

5 – Featured image

Here you can make a gorgeous eye-catching image on your profile.

It can explain what you do, give a CTA… whatever’s best for you!

It’ll be on the sidebar of your desktop, and it centers (and looks fabulous) on mobile!

Here’s how to do it:

1 – Design a square graphic, minimum 300x300px in size.

2 – Upload the photo

🔥 Hot Tip: Set the privacy for the photo to ‘only me’ so it doesn’t get splashed all over your newsfeed. You can also hide it from your timeline.

3 – Go to ‘Add Featured Photos’ on your profile page

🔥 Hot Tip: You have the option to choose up to 5 photos, but choose only one. This way, the image is displayed at max size. (This is the secret!)

Facebook will duplicate this photo and make it PUBLIC when you select it to be a featured photo. Because it’s a copy, any description you added to the image when you uploaded it will not be carried over.

4 – Select the photo you just uploaded

5 – After adding the photo, click on it to add a description and or link. You can even track the effectiveness by using a Bitly link.

6 – Website

Make sure you list your website. It gets a clickable link! Yum yum!

Hope you love these tips!  Go ahead and share them!

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