January 18

Add “spice” to your business (secret ingredient: chutzpah)


So last weekend I was watching a Spice Girls documentary (really), here’s the deal:

Within six months they went from being total unknowns rehearsing in their crappy shared apartment…

To being worth 8 million pounds.


And they were total ballers.

Like, they heard about this producer (or something) they wanted to work with…

And all they had was his name and that of the little town in England he lived in.

So they grabbed their demo tape…

Hopped in the car…

Drove HOURS to the town…

Got the phone book and started calling every single person in town with that name until they they reached the guy they were after.

😮 #whoa

And their mindset was CRAZY. (As in, crazy good AND they sounded totes crazy)

Anyone who would listen (their mom, friends, literally anyone) they’d tell them stuff like “we’re going to be BIG.” “Won’t it be fun you turn on the radio and hear our song?”

Yeah they sounded teenage-delusional BUT IT FREAKIN’ WORKED, man!

Talk about zero-holds-barred persistence… clearly it paid off.


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