Stick it to the haters by creating your Bubble of Awesomeness

Hundreds of eyes on me… and I thought I was going to pass out.

Gasping for breath does NOT make a good choir concert.

Ahhh. So this is what stage fright feels like.

My toes perilously hover at the edge of the step, trying to put as much distance between me and the lady behind me.  

She’s really into it and swaying to the music, occasionally rapping me on the noggin with her binder in the process.

To get a smidge more room I hunch forward…

…figuring if I DO pass out, I’m most likely to fall forward on the rather cushy-looking people in front of me.

It’s called strategy, people.

One thing about me: I love a crowd.

So this is weird.

How the hell did this center-of-attention-loving gal end up gasping for breath in the middle of a concert…

… trying to stealthily do EFT on the karate-chop hand point…

… while wondering what legit reason she has to slink off the stage?

I didn’t protect my confidence.

I admit it – I made a rookie move.  

Right before I went on stage I talked to another lady in the choir.

Now, she’s REALLY good.  

I am not.  

I’m there just to have fun.  (Oh, and to eat cake during the break.)

But as good as she is… she’s also rocks a snotty ‘holier than thou’ attitude and knows juuuuuuust how to rattle me.

Anyway, one catty remark before hitting the stage sent me into a tailspin.

It totally robbed me of my joy – and my sanity – during that show.

Next performance I got smarter.

Before the concert I intentionally spent time with only the people who light me up.  Those who put me in the state to put on the best show possible.

I consciously surrounded myself in a Bubble of Awesomeness.


I now do the same thing in business and life.

How can you ‘edit out’ the people who erode your confidence?

Surround yourself with people who build you UP, don’t tear you down?

Full disclosure – this is why I sometimes avoid dinners with my extended family.  Because there are some people who srrrrrrsly don’t ‘get’ what I do, tear me down, and it causes emotional havoc which takes friggin’ weeks to recover from.  

PPS – I told my husband I was writing that and he was like, “Oh yeeeeeeah” because he knows what a disaster area I turn into after these family dinners.

My challenge note to you…

Create your own Bubble of Awesomeness.

Protect and guard it fiercely.  Kick out anyone who tries to pop it. 

What does YOUR Bubble of Awesomeness look like?  Let me know in the comments below!  (I have my husband, my parents, a handful of friends, my massage therapist, and a bottle of wine.)

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