Find your business colors

Let’s talk colors. (Or colours, depending on where you hail from.)

Colors create a cohesive brand look

Colors go a long way to creating a seamless brand. Using the same colors throughout makes your business look professional, collected, and poised.

It’s easy on the eye – and on you, since you don’t have to reinvent the wheel for every offer/page/post etc.

Need help identifying your color?

Find an image which has the color (or colors) you love.

You may even have a logo already, but not be sure of the exact shades used.

Put that color to work!

For example, if you caught the episode from a few weeks ago about how to use fun fonts in Google Docs, you can use this code to change your font colour.

Use it in your Google Docs

Go into your document and highlight the text you want to change.

Click on the color button and click ‘custom’ from the drop down menu.

Here you can put in the code and – voila, your text is in your ideal color.

I hope you enjoyed this quick n’ easy way to find your favorite color.

To seamless branding (and eye-catching colors),

What inspired your brand’s colors?  Let me know in the comments below!

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