5 business truthbombs you need to hear, now

I’m not one to go crazy over the possibility of meeting celebrities, but authors and ‘famous’ entrepreneurs? Count me in!

One of my fav authors, Chris Guillebeau, just released a new book called Born For This.  It’s chock full of insight and exercises to help you figure out what you want to do, entrepreneur-style.

Chris dropped into town for a book release event down at the super cool, cabin-in-the-city styled Hootsuite HQ. He also invited his longtime friend Danielle (as in, LaPorte… Yeah. Danielle LaPorte.) along to join in and drop some #truthbombs. Trust me, these are good!


The bombs dropped hard and fast, and I typed as quickly as I could to capture them.  I probably looked like a tart who was sitting there texting away – especially since the speakers could see me as I was sitting in the second row (yes, I’m that kind of nerdy. Also lined up outside in the blazing sun for 40 minutes before the event so I could get a spot).


I never intended to turn these into a blog post, but these reminders are too good not to share.  Here’s some of my favorites…

Myth: Successful people don’t give up

Successful people quit stuff all the time. They ‘fail’ constantly.

The whole ‘never give up’ stuff is garbage if you interpret it the wrong way.  If you realize you’re on a track which isn’t right for you, that’s cool.  Let it go and pivot.

Take what you’ve learned, reapply it in another way.  Keep trying things, but don’t try the same thing the same way.

Truth: Know your why

Someone asked Danielle something like how much money does it take to feel successful and whether it’s worth doing something just for the money.

“It’s never enough money if you don’t know  why you’re doing it.”

Myth: You’ll know when you’ve ‘made it’

“You never feel like you’ve arrived.”

There’s always something more.  Dreams, businesses, you evolve.  Even when you reach a goal, you dream bigger dreams.

At the same time, celebrate where you are in this moment.  It’s precious and you’ve worked hard for it!  Look back.  Give yourself credit for all you’ve accomplished.

Truth: Believe in yourself

“You won’t get what you want unless you believe you deserve it.”

Treat yourself lovingly.  Think nice thoughts about yourself.  Realize the value you bring to others.  Interrupt the cynical douchebag of an inner voice which rattles your game.

Believe you deserve the success you want – it’ll give you permission to go for it.

Ask yourself this:

At the end of today, ask yourself –  “Did today matter?”  

Did the stuff you took care of get you closer to your goals?  Fulfill you?  If not, what can you do tomorrow to have a different answer?

Aaaaaand, one last tip…

If you leave a book signing to go eat and come back just when the author is trying to leave (and you’ve downed a glass of champagne), you PROBABLY won’t make the best impression. True story.  #gomomo #winning

To truthbombs and inspiration,

PS – the link for Chris’ book is an affiliate link.  I love this book and I’m happy to recommend things which I truly believe in.

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