MAJOR Content Hack: Reverse-engineer Your Blog from Facebook Live

I love repurposing content.  Why do the work twice?  Exactly.

Here’s a recipe for fabulously using the power of Facebook Live to reverse-engineer your content strategy.  Since (most importantly, your own) content is the backbone of your social media strategy, you

Why Facebook Live?

That oh-so-important Facebook newsfeed?  You’ll likely get in there by making a Facebook Live video.  The feed is currently optimized to showcase these videos so you’ll have far better a chance to be featured in the feed using a live video than any other kind of post.  

See how you can work the Facebook algorithm to your advantage?  Sa-weet!

Plus, these videos have longevity far beyond the actual live broadcast.  It’s not unheard of have wild views of a video after the broadcast is finished – even ten times time more than the Page’s follower count.  Doesn’t that sound juicy?  Yep, I think so.

But, as I love to say, don’t build your house on rented land.  Plus, you’ve already done the work – don’t let it just sit on Facebook and get lost on your Page, never to be seen again!  Let’s leverage the work you’ve already done to make the most of it.  Major content hack ahead!

Make Facebook Live video

Record your live video using your phone.  Easy enough, right?

Now when you finish the broadcast, you’ll get the option to save the video to your phone.  Slide the button so it’ll save the file.

Now you have video footage you can do whatever you’d like with!  You can edit it if you want to get really fancy – remove the beginning/end, add an intro or outro, or however you want to spice it up.  Or just leave it as is.

Upload it to YouTube

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world – and has the LEAST competition. Sounds good, right?

Tip: If the easy-breezy live video style doesn’t reflect your brand’s other videos, you can create a separate playlist for you live videos.  The dimensions of these videos isn’t the same as YouTube so you’ll have the black edges and slightly lower quality – but I think it’s totally OK if you put it in a ‘Live Video Replay’ playlist so people aware.

Once the video is uploaded, get the code to embed the video.

Click ‘Share’ and then choose ‘Embed.’  Here is the code you can paste in your blog so you will have the video on your blog post.  

Have the video transcribed is a secret weapon of mine.

You can send the link to your YouTube video here, and they will create a transcript of the video for you!  It’s inexpensive and efficient – the turnaround time is super quick!

Paste the transcript into your blog post

Now after a quick edit, all you need to do is copy and paste the transcript into your blog post – and you’ve got all the text you need.

Content complete!

A blog post searchable on both YouTube, the ‘regular’ web – and all done from a quick Facebook Live video?  That’s a SERIOUSLY powerful hack.  

You managed to get onto some of the most important content search and distribution platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Google) by reverse engineering that one video!

To powerfully performing content,

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