The Craigslist ads which literally had people fighting over my old couches


The place where stuff goes to die.

Have you ever tried to sell your stuff on Craigslist? It’s a painful endeavour.
Crickets. Bartering. Missed appointments. Rude!

Unless you write badass ads.

When we decided to pick up and move across the country we chose to offload some stuff first. Cue Craigslist.

So most ads there do pretty poorly.

Most ads are written somethin’ like this:

Brown couch. U pick up. $X firm.


I’d had crummy selling experiences years ago on Craigslist and was NOT enthused at the prospect of doing it again.

Then I had a lightbulb moment.

What if I wrote Craigslist ads the same way I’d write copy for my business?

The ultimate litmus test.

The result?

Full price. No bartering.
Fast. Sold on the first showing.

And funnily enough… People were trying to one-up each other, racing to squeeze in a viewing before anyone else.

I had to send a lot of ‘sorry, it’s already gone’ emails. One lady came back begging to know if I ‘happened to have another one just like it.’ (erm, no.)

Great ads, great sales

Highly commoditized items, even IKEA furniture, will sell well with the right audience, price, and if people understand the value.

They’d imagined it in their lives, had mentally kicked back and watched Netflix, and could see it was the right fit for them.

So remember… give people what they need to hear/see to imagine it in their life already. What is the result?  It’s much better than Brown couch. U pick up. $X firm.

So here’s one…

…and the other!

I’d wanted to buy this couch again after the move because it was soooo comfortable… but we found out the quality of the new Tidafors was totally different!  Not the same at all.  (It only took us 2 months to find a couch we otherwise wanted… and another 6 weeks to get it delivered!)

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