The secret to creating content quickly (HUGE time saver!)

Let’s say you want a home baked cookie.  Yum!

You’ve got your flour, sugar, chocolate chips out…  You’re not just gonna bake just one, right?


No!  You’re going to do a dozen or so. You’ve already got all your stuff out, so make the most of it.

This is the secret to fast content creation: Batching.  (It’s also one of the secrets to consistency!)

Here’s a confession:

I don’t write my blog errry week. Actually, often I only spend a day writing my blogs for the whole month.

This way I can save time each week for other projects. All I do is write my newsletter and I’m good to go!

Here’s the benefits to batching:

Getting all your blogs done in one go lets you stay ‘in the zone.’  Trust me, it takes a lot more work to come out of and go back into the writing mindset.  It’s FAR easier to stay in it and get a bunch ‘o’ blogs done at once.


Plus, I find ideas build upon each other, so great blog topics flow fast and furious.


I get everything I need to do for the blog done and done – images, video edits, transcriptions recorded… All the bits and pieces which goes into blogging.  


Then I schedule it to go out on the day it goes live.  Set it and forget it!


Now, there’s still time to get into my free Blogging for Business 101 course so you can learn how to blog effectively for business!  You can get in on this goodness right here!


To batching both cookies and content,

If you have a business, come on in to my cozy Facebook group!  We love chatting about biz-centric stuff.  See ya there!

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