Don’t make THIS mistake on your website

This is a PSA for your site.

Yep, that’s right. A public safety announcement for your site (and marketing).

‘Cuz things can get really hairy if you don’t use the right font.

Here’s what happens…

When we’re designing our website, we’re usually on the desktop version – so everything is big and clear. It’s easy to see. But most people that come to our website won’t be using the desktop version right away.

Most people first visit websites on mobile.

What happens is all of the stuff gets shrunk down so it’s teeny teeny tiny. What looked really cool on the desktop version may not look so hot (or even legible) on mobile.

Step back and get perspective

I was talking to a lady earlier this week and she was planning to do something that involved the word kickstart. 

I happen to see it when I was on my mobile, and on a small screen it actually looked like… hickstart.

Which, if your brand was kind of country-ish, could be kind of cute! However, this totally wasn’t what she was going for.

Her solution?
She ended up changing the word completely because it work with the font that she really wanted to use. So, that’s one option – find a different word which works.

But what I recommend doing instead is finding a whole new font altogether. ‘Cuz if it’s giving you problems now, it probably will later on.

Welp.  I have a much worse story.

I used the word click with a script font – and scripty fonts are definitely the most challenging to work with.

Your typical Arial font will probably be fairly legible no matter what. Times New Roman, same thing. But the scripty ones can be tough!

So with click, in its shrunk-down mobile scripty glory… the c and the l looked like a d.

…So, yeah.

Essentially, if you want to be clear that you want people to click here and not d*ck here, be very aware of what it looks like on both the desktop and the mobile version.

A fresh set of eyes

I always like to try and review my page or, even better, have somebody else with fresh eyes look over itso they’re not anticipating what I’m trying to say.

To writing which looks great on screens of all sizes,

Have you had any unexpected font-related disasters? Leave a me a note in the comments about it!

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