Don’t use social media for business until you’ve done THIS

I’ve noticed a lot of businesses diving into social media marketing, and even paid advertising, without having an overall digital marketing plan.

This is kind of like trying to start a fire without a match – it’s possible, but you’re going to spend a lotta time (and energy!) frantically rubbing objects together to create a spark.

For most of us, a basic digital marketing plan explains what you’re going to share (content) and where you’re going to share it (the most relevant social networks).  

The content marketing conundrum

So you might’ve figured out part 2 of that equation, and now it’s time to solve for X.

That mysterious little ‘content marketing’ part of the formula. And I promise that’s the LAST algebra analogy I’ll use, because algebra is the worst.

You need fuel for this fire!

Time to get a content marketing plan in place.  Content comes in all forms – E-books. Videos. Podcasts.  The list goes on.  You can even combine several forms for an even more powerful punch.

But we’re focussing on the easiest, and one of the most effective, forms of content.

The blog.

I know, I know. Blogging isn’t as sexy as video or Snapchat. It’s like the granny underwear of digital marketing – supportive, comfortable, and does the job.

Yet, the humble blog is the workhorse of content marketing.  Why?  Let’s check it out!

Why businesses should blog:

They work.

Blog posts are easy for people (and yourself!) to share on social media.  That leverages your existing audience to gain exposure to new people.  

Your blog post will be both insanely helpful, and infused with your fabulous personality.  This way, people get to know, like, and trust you and your business.  (Not sure how to write an awesome blog post?  S’okay.  We’re gettin’ there!)

You own it.

“Don’t build your house on rented land.”

Yes, I love social media too.  I admit, I’m a Facebook junkie (among other social networks).  But tread carefully, my friend.


The cold, hard truth: you don’t own nuthin’ on social media.


Your account could be shut down tomorrow.  Your Facebook group could inexplicably disappear (it happens.  No known reason.  No resolution.  You’re SOL).  The algorithm of your fav social network could change, and you’ve got no way to reach ‘your people.’


If your entire marketing plan relies on social media as it is right now, you’re on shaky ground.  Social media is constantly evolving.  Massive changes are routine, and they may not always be favorable for you.  In fact, they can disrupt your ENTIRE marketing plan.


Social media is fabulous and effective for marketing, but you need to know its place in the grand scheme of things and the role it plays.  It’s great for connecting with people, building relationships, providing customer service – and for attracting people back to your website.

It brings people into your world.

Content marketing is sometimes called attraction marketing.  You share your fabulous post on social media, which attracts people back to your site.


From here, you’ve got puh-lenty of opportunities to leverage that interaction.  You can give away something in exchange for an email address, you can start a targeted Facebook advertising campaign, show other products or service you’ve got to help them…  


Your website can be a virtual Disneyland of treats and offers to help your ideal customer achieve their objective (and, in turn, help you achieve yours).

You don’t need fancy technology.

You don’t need a fancy-schmancy podcasting microphone, or video lighting, or whatever.


You’ve got a computer?  Even a smartphone?  You’re set.  If you can write an email, you can write a blog.  

You don’t even need to be Shakespeare.

You really don’t need to be the world’s greatest writer in order to have an effective blog.  You just need to be helpful and clear.


You need writing basics like proper spelling and grammar (which can be thrown out the window as you learn to write conversationally), and aside from that you’ve all the writing experience you need to write a blog.


(Plus, you’ll get better at writing the more you do it.  Practice makes perfect!)

But what you do need is a strategy.

OK, we’ve established you’ve got all the tools you need to blog.


Now you need a strategy so you’re blogging effectively for business.  You don’t want to write just any old post; you want to write in a way which grows your business.  This is why I’ve made this free course just for you!  With Blogging for Business 101, you’ll learn the essentials of powerful business blogging.

Here’s what you get in Blogging for Business 101:

In this (free!) 3-video series you’ll learn the basics of blogging effectively for business.  ‘Cuz you don’t have time to do things that don’t work, right?  Exactly.  

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The 5 ways blogging grows your business
  • 10 easy and effective blog post ideas
  • 6 ways to get people to actually read your blog


Ready to start using your blog effectively for business?  Let’s get started!


To growing your business through your blog,

If you have a business, come on in to my cozy Facebook group!  We love chatting about biz-centric stuff.  See ya there!

  • Casandra says:

    Hi Katie, Great blog post! Love your social media tips on why businesses should blog and how to use social media, effectively . Especially, the one to NOT build a house on rented space. Great reminder about the realities of being online.

    • says:

      Thank you so much Casandra! It means a lot coming from the TubeBoss herself. It’s so easy to forget that social media isn’t our own – we spend so much time there and make such valuable connections. But even though we love to play in that sandbox, it’s not the most steady biz footing. 😀

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