3 tips for getting more business reviews

People are buying what you’re selling… but no one’s talking about it.

Well, the good news is that if you’re not getting bad reviews, it probably means people are happy.

‘Cuz people have no problem speaking up if they’re not pleased with something. So, silence is golden… sort of!

When customers are happy, they’re usually too busy enjoying the thing or service you provided to bother with writing a review.

The trick is, how do you get those happy people to speak up?

I’ve got 3 tips to make to make this happen!

Sweeten the deal

Give ’em a little carrot to entice them to write by offering a discount on their next purchase – if they leave you a review.

This is great for the customer since they already know what you offer so they’re likely to work with you again. They could get something for themselves, or a gift for friend.

Great for you – since you could get another sale out of it! (And the review, of course).

Give a gift

It doesn’t have to be something you package up and send in the mail. Though if you want to – go for it!

You can make an info product which you can give if they leave you a review.

For example, say you make custom luggage tags (OK, the traveller in me is coming out!). You could create something travel-related – like a badass packing list.

It’s best if you can relate what you sold to what you’re offering. If they do buy a luggage tag, it probably wouldn’t be helpful for them to receive an e-book detailing the history of stilettos.

Let ’em know

Let your customer know how much it would mean to you if they would leave a review.

You can explain that it’s important for your business to grow and it would really mean a lot to you if they left a review. Most people are happy to help out when they realize what a difference it makes to you.

If you’re sending a physical product to your customer them, handwriting a quick note and slip it into your shipment.

If you work online, write them a personal email.

These practices could become a regular part of your business, or it could be something you do just until you have a nice ‘cushion’ of reviews built up.

Alsooooooo, this is not a direct tip – but activate some good karma by remembering to leave reviews when you buy something. Spread the love! ♥

Thanks for taking the time to hang out with me. Hoping this will help you bulk up on reviews!

To pleasant and plentiful reviews,

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