How to get clients (and have fun!) in Facebook groups

If you are a service provider, or even if you sell products, you may have found the latest greatest way to network: Facebook groups.

All of the fun of hanging out on Facebook, all of the business opportunities of networking (sans awkward moments)!

But before you jump right in…

Can you just go into any ol’ Facebook group and offer your amazing products and services? Erm, no.

It’s the Facebook equivalent of spamming, and it’s NOT going to do you any favors or win you clients or customers.

So what’s a girl to do?  Stick with me. I’m going to share 2 ways which can help get you traction in the right groups.

Hot tip: First, identify the groups your ideal clients hang out in.

In most cases, you’ll have the best success in paid groups (ie, you can only access that group if you’ve bought the accompanying course).

These are people who’ve already invested in their business, and they want to work with other amazing people!  Enter: you!

Be awesome.  Dazzle people.  Make friends.  Roll out the red carpet.  It’s SO fun, and you’re bound to make some amazing friends! 

Strategy 1: Become THE SOURCE of helpful info

Nurturing posts

Provide totally free helpful information.

TOTALLY. No opt in. No janky “I made (desired thing), would you like that?  If so, DM me!”

Icky. Don’t do it. You are so much better than that!  Totally free SUPER helpful info.

Pop in once a week or so and do this. Create a bank of helpful posts and rotate them through your target groups.

This spreadsheet will help you do it!  Just make a copy of it and save to your own Google Drive; you can’t edit this one.

Pretty soon, when someone in the group asks for a recommendation for somebody of your expertise, you’ll get people recommending you because they see you know your stuff.

Give As to Qs

Give answers to questions. Use the ‘search’ button in the upper right hand corner to search for target keywords.

Strategy 2: Play the promo game

Most Facebook groups have a weekly promo thread. Here you can safely promote within the rules – some allow links, opt ins, the like. Read the rules.

Personally I haven’t had any success with this because normally the threads are so congested – but it may work for you!

On the second page of this spreadsheet you can track the group, the promo day, and the rules.

How to copy the spreadsheet

Click ‘File’ from the top left hand corner

From the dropdown menu, select ‘Make a copy’

(I could make an opt in out of this, but in keeping with the theme you’re getting it no strings attached.  Hope you like it!)

To having fun in Facebook groups (just as we should!),

If you have a business, come on in to my cozy Facebook group!  We love chatting about biz-centric stuff.  See ya there!

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