4.5 ways get stuff done in your business

I’m going to drop the business F bomb.

…Focus. I’m talking about focus.

Lack of focus is one of the major pain points which keeps businesses from moving forward. 

Trust me, I get it. 

I get shiny object syndrome too. And sometimes I mean literal shiny objects – I also design jewellery, after all. Other times it’s a new social media platform. Or the first season of Orange is the New Black. 
Long story short – it happens to all of us. 
Someone has smartly made the word focus into the acronym Follow One Course Until Successful.  It’s true, and now I’m going to give you 4.5 tips on how to stay focused in your business.

1 – Identify your goal

What do you want to achieve?  You need to know where you want to go in order to get there. 
When you get in your car, you know the destination you’re going to. You don’t just randomly drive around, right?  Exactly. 
Know what your objective is so you can work backwards and figure out how to get there. You can create a strategic plan to achieve your goal. 

2 – Schedule it

In the last step, you identified both what you want and what you need to do in order to get there. 
Now you need to make sure that stuff gets done.
Here’s the secret: Schedule it!  Put it on the calendar. Block off a realistic amount of time for each task. 
I like to schedule my week in advance so I always know what I’m doing. I have a clear path – I don’t feel pulled in a million different directions

3 – Stop doing other stuff

Stop doing other random shit. Forget the shiny object. 
When you do something which isn’t part of your plan, ask yourself:
Does this strategically get me closer to my objective?  
If the answer is no – stop fucking doing it. (Had to drop the REAL f-bomb, right?  I couldn’t have a title like that and leave you hanging.)
The exception to the rule: usual run-of-the-mill biz necessities. Like paying taxes. Please don’t use this blog post as an excuse to not pay taxes. That just ain’t gonna hold up.

4 – Create an idea bank

The blessing and curse of being an entrepreneur is that you’re creative. You have, like, eleventy million ideas rolling around in your head. 
Here’s the solution: collect all your ideas in an idea bank. That way you don’t feel distracted by them – you know they’re safe in the bank, ready for you when the time is right. 
Start a Google doc, Excel spreadsheet, Trello board – whatever’s convenient for you.  Now you can lob all your fabulous ideas into it as they crop up. 
Now you can get back to accomplishing what you need to do.  Focus, my friend. Focus. 

4.5 – Quit multitasking 

There’s scads of data proving that multitasking doesn’t work – in fact, it’s the least effective way to work. 
I’m not going to get into all that right now, but I’ll leave you with this: do only the thing that you’re scheduled to do. Finish it. 
Then go into the next thing.
Right?  Right!  Easier said than done I know, so here’s a few other hints.
Close your tabs. Log out of your email.  Turn off freaking Instagram alerts on your phone. (seriously, I do this for a living. There are NO life-or-death alerts coming in through there. You’re good.) 
Social media will be there in 40 minutes when you’re done whatever your task is. People will still be posting what they ate for lunch. But you’ll be far further ahead in your goals by shutting out the world and focusing for a bit. 

Think of it like this:

You’re on an island. 
You start building a bridge to land. Then, partway though, you think of another way to build a bridge. You leave your first bridge to start building the second. 
Then while building the second bridge, you have a bridge-building epiphany. You leave your second bridge to start a third bridge using your new plan. 
And so on and so forth. 
A lot of us (myself included) have worked on our businesses like this. You find out something you Must Do, or get excited about a new project, watch a webinar and think you have to do whatever was taught, etc. 
How many half-built bridges do you have in your business?  Yeah. Me too. 
Bring out the ol’ F word and focus. Build that bridge!  Reach the other side!  One plan fully executed is worth hundreds of quasi-completed plans. 
Even if you find a different, better way later (which you likely will), at least you’ll have something in place which works. 

Try out these steps and let me know how it goes! 

Remember: racehorses wear blinders to keep their head in the game and focused only on the goal.  It’s good to give yourself that kind of opportunity to do focus too!  Revel in the luxury of getting stuff done.  It feels amazing – and so does reaching your objectives!

To reaching your business goals,

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