A Girl Guide’s business tip – use a bonus to make the sale

It’s that season again!  You know. Girl Guide cookie season.  (AKA Girl Scouts if you’re in the USA). They’re the good ones, too – vanilla and chocolate!

Practically every street corner you’ll find a Girl Guide perched timidly by a box of cookies, with a parent hovering at arm’s reach.

Tempting as they are, I walked past every single one – until this one.

The girl was standing with her box of cookies and a handmade sign which read, “free joke when you buy a box of cookies”

Well. That’s a new one!  I took my wrinkled five dollar bill out of my wallet. I usually reserve my GG cookie purchases for the children of people I know, but this was a bonus I couldn’t refuse.  I was totally impressed by this gal’s entrepreneurial spirit.

This add-on gave her a unique edge over all the other Guides hocking the same (delish) cookies. It gave her a totally unique selling point – one which tipped sales in her favour.

Here’s some tips for making your own sales bonus!

Content rules

Content is the perfect bonus.

A PDF, audio guide, video, or in-person bonus (like this one!) is ideal. For all of those aside from the one-to-one interaction, it’s totally scalable – do the work once and you’re good to go.

It doesn’t have to cost you anything

Making a content upgrade, like mentioned above, doesn’t need to cost any more than your time.

You don’t have to order/manufacture/ship anything so you avoid all those costs.

In fact, you might have all the content already – just repackage it in an easy-to-consume bonus. A collection of related blog posts organized into a downloadable PDF may be all you need!  Check out what’s you already have to make a perfect add on.

Make it time limited

In the hot summer sun this girl, her dad, and her offer wouldn’t be around long. Another hour or two at best. Heck, even the cookies themselves are only available a few weeks a year!  If I wanted to cash in, I was going to have to act now. So I did.

Time to make your own brilliant bonus!

Make like a Girl Guide/Girl Scout and see where you can create a bonus to inspire sales!  Remember, it doesn’t have to be overly complicated, time consuming to make, or expensive. A little treat may be just enough to inspire action.

(BTW, I don’t remember what the joke is – but it was cookie related, which was a nice touch!)

To cookies and content,

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