Going after what you want (and my journey to Huffington Post)

Think about one thing you really want.

Something you feel is out of reach. Maybe by just a bit – or maybe by what feels like a long shot.  Now ask yourself – “Why not me?

This is exactly how I became a contributing author in Huffington Post.

Of course, this is the abbreviated version. There’s a bit more to the story…

First attempt

About 5 or 6 months ago I started writing a blog post. It started out as most of my posts do – with me walking slooooooowly on the treadmill while dictating to my iPhone.

As I continued writing, I knew this wasn’t any ordinary post. Y’know that feeling when you’re writing and it feels like magic?  Like going for a walk on a summer’s evening and the breeze is still warm and you can hear strains of music in the distance. Gorgeous. Magic.

I was compelled to write – it consumed my whole evening.  When I was done, I knew it was The One which would get me into Huffington Post.


I eagerly sent it in – and waited.



Ok, this wasn’t gonna happen.

Second attempt

I considered sending it to other publications – but I never did it. In my mind (probably stupidly so), this was IT. So I left it, abandoned and unread, in my Google Drive.

Until last week.

I had that same weird, magical, warm-summer’s-eve feeling again. (FYI, this wasn’t when I was in Hawaii a few weeks ago – because that’s, like, every night.)  I knew it was time to resubmit my article to Huffington Post.

Late Friday night, I submitted.
Monday evening, I was accepted.
Thursday afternoon I received my login credentials as a Huffington Post contributing writer (YAY!).
Thursday night my article went LIVE!

I’m still shocked to see my own byline in HuffPo. It was something I wanted so much – and was on a bucket list for One Day.

Now, what’s your dream?

So what wants and dreams do you have hidden in your bucket?  I know your bucket might be big, so just roll up your sleeves and reach in.
Pull out a dream.
Think, “why not me?”
And just freaking go for it.


Will it happen in the time you want it to?  Probably not.

The way you think it will?  Nah.

But commit, work, and it’ll happen in its own weird and wonderful way.


To going after your dreams,

What dream are you going for?  Let me know in the comments below!

  • GL Giddings says:

    Thanks for sharing your very inspiring post. Much appreciated.

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