Hate entering business receipts?

I used the H-word, I know. But it’s truly how I describe my relationship with biz receipts. What about you? Yeah, we’re probably in the same boat.  Bookkeeping is the freakin’ worst.

But… it’s just gotta happen.  Even in creative businesses, the one area you don’t ever want creativity is in the books.

No creative accounting here, folks!
Possibly one of the least glamorous (and most dull) aspects of business is the humdrum monthly stuff. Even though it’s gotta happen, knowing this doesn’t make it less painful.

Unless you have someone else do it. Ah-ha!

Get it off your plate

There are two glorious, and affordable, options for you to have your receipts taken care of. Done-zo.

Then it’s off your plate and you can focus on other (read: more exciting) things.  Yes!

We’re looking at Shoeboxed and Receipt Bank.

Both of these companies offer the same principle: you send them your receipts, they enter them for you. Let’s check ‘em out.


First off, I must say the name is adorable. I totally picture that shoebox stuffed with bills to be dealt with ‘some day.’ Kudos on the creativity there!

With Shoeboxed, they scan your receipts so you can go totally paperless. They have an app where you can snap a pic of your receipt. They’ll send you a prepaid envelope (unless you have the Lite plan) so you can cram all your receipts into it. Plus, they can automatically import receipts from Gmail. Tax time is simplified since the scanned receipts are accepted by both the IRS and CRA. Ahhhh, beautiful!

You can export the data to QuickBooks, Wave, Xero, Outright, Evernote, Excel… and the list goes on.

There’s a few other goodies they offer (like mileage tracking or uploading business cards into your contact list), but these aforementioned services are what makes Shoeboxed attractive to me.

Plans start at $10 a month for 50 documents and go up from there. You can change plans at any time.

Right now they’re offering a free trial month, or you can have a free digital-submission only account which gives you 5 documents per month. Nice way to test the waters!

Receipt Bank

With Receipt Bank, you can email, upload, and import receipts from Dropbox or Tripcatcher. You can snap a pic and have it upload directly into their app. They’ll work their magic and your data will be imported directly into your cloud-based accounting software or sent to your accountant. They’re in the good books with tax authorities in a number of countries (including the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland) so you’ve got options.

Your data can be exported to QuickBooks, Freshbooks, SageOne, Sage50, Xero, and a heck of a lot more.

They can also hook you up with accountants or bookkeepers in your local area. This feature is still in development, so if you don’t see anyone yet, hang tight. It’ll happen!

Give it a go with a free 14-day trial.  Small business plans start at $15 per month which covers up to 50 documents.

I’m so happy to get rid of the painful task of receipt data entry. Plus, it’s a total drag so I’m thrilled to ditch that stress. Let’s spend our time doing fun and creative things and leave the dull data entry to others!

To freedom from data entry,

Have you tried any of these services out?  How do you deal with your receipts?  Let me know in the comments below!

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