THIS IS IT!  You did it.  You finished the post that will change everything.

It’s your Alicia Keys “This Girl Is On FIYAAAAH!!!!” moment where it all comes together in your biz.  

You press PUBLISH…

Share like a mofo on every social network (even the one you secretly keep only for ranting about crummy customer service *cough Twitter cough*)…

And wait.  Wait.  WAIIIIIIIT.


K, you’re a *little* bit ego-bruised the only comment is your mom saying LOL.

(Yeah you know she thinks it means ‘Lots Of Love’ but right now it reaaaaaally isn’t helping things.)

What gives?

Do people not realize you put your heart and soul, YOUR HEART AND MOTHER TRUCKING SOUL into that post? 

… Or at least a boatload of hours you could’ve spent binge watching the final season of Suits but you didn’t.

Shouldn’t you be rewarded for ‘taking massive action / inspired action / hustling’ and all that crap you hear on podcasts?

Here’s the thing babe.  Your post rocks.

But your headline?  Sucks.  It just really sucks.  

So keep reading, ‘cuz you’re going to get HUNDREDS of fail-safe ways to get more attention on your blog, social posts, T̶i̶n̶d̶e̶r̶ ̶p̶r̶o̶f̶i̶l̶e̶, videos, all by doing 1 simple thing.

Change your headline.  It’s as easy as that.

This swipe file is built with the most traffic-proven headlines by somma the best + brightest minds in marketing.

They’ve done the hard work (split testing so much you’d get a splitting headache) and YOU get to reap the rewards!

Upgrade your headline from “a bomb” to “DA BOMB!” 

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*Drumroll Please*

220+ “PLUG + PLAY” Headlines For More Likes, Clicks, Comments + Shares!

Results Headlines


The [#]-Minute, [#]-Step Solution For The Best  ________


How To ________ That Will Save You Tons Of Time


How To ________ Your ________ For Massive Growth


[#] Things You Can Do To ________ Everyday


Get _________ Done With These Easy Steps


How To Make A ________ The Easy Way


How To ________ (In [#] Mostly Easy Steps)


Know Anyone With a Crazy ________? [#] Ideas for Them


[#] Amazing _________ Ideas to Try Right Now


Do You Wish More People Bought Your ________?


Build A __________ You Can Be Proud Of


How To __________ Every Day


How To __________ As a ________


The Best Ever Solution For ________


Give Me 30 Minutes And I’ll Give You ________


Try These [#] Tactics For A Week, And Be Twice As ________


If You Can ________, You Can ________


If You Can Follow A Recipe, You Can ________


Easy! [#] Doable Steps to __________. Must do!


Get Rid Of ________ Once And For All


Here’s A Quick Way To ________


Why Your __________ Get Ignored, And How To Fix That


[#] Reasons You Should Be Using ________ In Your ________


9 Out Of 10 ________ Can’t __________. Are You One Of Them?


Genius __________ Ideas You Will Just Have to Share


Brilliant __________ That will make You Want to Just Go For It


[#] Inspirational Ideas to Help You Just Do ___________


Master The Art Of _______ In Just [#] Days


A Quick Way To _____


Got a ________? These [#] _________ Tips Will Solve It


The Secret to a Perfect ________ is Easier Than You Think


Step-by-Step Guide to Solving ________


How To Make A Small Fortune With _____


[#] Hacks for _________ That You’ve Been Waiting Your Whole Life For


Improve your _________ by Trying These Tricks


The Baffling Solution to _________


Little Known Tricks You’ll Use Everyday


Clever _________ Solutions to _________


Examples of _________ That Will Inspire You.


Get Rid Of _______ For Good


How To _____ While You _____


“Secret” headlines


Secret 2-Minute _______ Technique


The Secret Ways The ________ Gets ________


[#] Unspoken Rules Every ________ Should Know


Sneaky Ways To _________


The “Insider” Secrets To _______


Break All The Rules And ________


Totally Devious Ways to _________


The Truth About _________ that _________ Shouldn’t Ignore


Let Me Show You The Secrets Of ________


[#] ________ Tips that You Won’t Believe Exist


The Secret to a Perfect _________ is Easier Than You Think


[#] Tricks that Will Change The Way You __________


[#] Secrets to Fix ___________


Did You Want ________? Read These Tips First


I Found A Weird Way To ________


Do You Know the Truth About ________?


Join More Than 4 Million People With _________


Obscure Facts You Wish You Knew About _________


Everything I wish I knew about _________


[#] Things Your ________ Doesn’t Tell You


The Subtle Art Of Not ________


Consequence Headlines


Why Don’t ________ Get ________?


I ______ For A Week.  Here’s What Happened


She was ________. Watch what happens next!


First _________ and then this? Could you believe it?


He Didn’t Know ________, but Was Shocked When ________


She Added _______ and That Made _______ Unbelievably Better


_________ Happened, and the Resulting ________ Was Amazing


This _________ had to ________. You’ll Be Inspired


_______ Happened. The Reason Why Will Shock You


_______Happened. And The Reason Will Make You Cry


[#] Instant Ways to ___________


[#] Ways that ____________ Caused ___________


How To _____ Even If ______


List headlines


The Big List Of _____


[#] Secrets to Fix __________


[#] Proven Ideas to Increase _________


The Complete _________ Guide of [#] Ways to _________


[#] Ways to Make Your _________ Become _________


[#] Meaningful Ways to _________


[#] Steps to a More Fulfilling _________


Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About __________


[#] _____ Ideas


My [#] Best ________


[#] Things You Might Be Thankful For About Your ________


[#] Easy ________ Ideas


[#] Tips To _____


[#] Tips For ________ (Number [#] Is A Game Changer)


[#] Ways ________ Will Improve Your Life


[#] ________ Hacks You Won’t Want To Forget


[#] ________ To Try On Your Next ________


[#] Things To Do With ________


[#] Secrets To _____


[#] Amazing _____ To Try Right Now


[#] Proven Techniques For _____


[#] Examples Of _____


[#] Warnings Signs Of _____


[#] Lies _______ Like To Tell


[#] Little-Known Factors That Could ____


[#] Ways To _____.  I Didn’t Expect #[#] To Work So Well


[#] Essential Things For _____


[#] Reasons To ________ Daily


[#] Reasons You _____


[#] _____ That Every _____ Should Own


[#] Little Known Ways To _____


[#] Easy Ways To ________ That Will Skyrocket ________


[#] Shortcuts To _____


[#] Unexpected Lessons I learned from _______


“Don’t miss out” headline


[#] Things I Wish I Knew About ________


What ________ Can Teach You About ________


[#] Things that Will Change How You _________


[#] Secret of _________ That You Will Never be Ashamed of


Forget The ________, Try This


He didn’t Have __________ Until He __________


Ultimate Guide: How to Get Your First [#] _________


You’re Lying to Yourself About ___________ and You Don’t Even Know It!


Sick of Hearing __________? Here’s the Cure


Here Is A Method That Is Helping __________ To __________


Little Known Ways To __________


Discover [#] New Ways to Fix _________


The ___________ Tricks That Changed My Life


Foolproof __________ That Will Motivate Anyone


Learn How ________ Will Change ________


[#] Ways to Bring _________ to the Next Level


We Analyzed _______. Here’s What We Found


_______, Reinvented


Prevention headlines


Why I Don’t _____


You Should Never Leave Home Without These ________


Stop _________ in its Tracks with _________


Don’t do _________ Without _________. You’ll be Glad


Prevent the Loss of ___________ by ___________


Next Time You __________ be Sure to ___________


[#] Steps to Keeping ___________ from Ever Happening to You Again


When The End Comes You’ll Have Wished ___________


Put an End to __________ by ___________


How I (He/She) got _________ at _________


Discover _________ and Save ___________


[#] Things I Wish I Knew About ________


Can Your ______ Pass The ______ Test?


Get _______ Without ______


How To Avoid The Most Common And Costly ______ Mistakes


Because _____ Just Doesn’t Work Anymore


_____ Can Make You Lose Customers


Shocking headlines


The Shocking Truth About _____


How Your ________ Is Ripping You Off And What To Do About It Right Now


What Everybody Ought To Know About __________


Would You ________? I Just Did.


Warning: Grab Your Tissue Box For ________. You’ll Need it


Stop the _________ Panic. Try These [#] Solutions


Are You Still Wasting Money On __________ (Without Anything To Show For It?)


The Shocking __________ About __________, That You’ll Love


[#] Tricks that Will Take You to _______________


[#] Crazy _________ Ideas That WIll Make You Put The Blowtorch Away


[#] Things that Will Make You Shake with Fear If You Didn’t _________


8 Scary _________ – And What You Can Do About It


Why _____ Beats _____


The Truth Behind _____


Do You Have The Courage To ________?


Risky Secrets to ________That Are Game-Changing!


Insane ________ That Will Improve ________


I Stopped ________. You Should Too. Here’s Why.


Weird but Effective Tricks for _________


_________Doesn’t Matter as Much as You Think


Is ________ A Scam? Find Out If You’re Putting Your __________ At Risk


The [#] Lies About ________ That ________ Should Ignore


The Time That ________ And Life Went On


Who Said It Had To Be Hard To ______


[#] Things You Should Never _________


[#] Embarrassing _________ That Your Parents Should Have Told You


Beware of _________, It’s Not As It Seems


Why You Need To Break All The Rules To _______


Don’t Fall For the ________ Hoax


How Well Do You Know _________? Not As Well As You Think


[#] Things _________ Should Never Apologize For


Why Haven’t ________ Been Told These Facts?


Is It Immoral To ________?


I Don’t Regret __________. But Here’s What I’d Do Differently


What Everybody Ought To Know About _____


Warning: _____


Possibly The World’s First _____


What No One Tells You About _____


_____ Vs. _____


The Honest, No “BS”  Truth About ______


“You’re not alone” headlines


Dear ________: You’re Not ________


When You Feel ________, Read This


Proof You Aren’t the Only One Who ____________


________: You’ll Thank Me Later (And For The Rest Of My Life)


Who Else Wants __________?


How I ________ For The Week


When I Accidentally Got _________ – You Will __________


__________ Solutions that All of Humanity Needs


[#] Things I Wish I Had Known About _____


[#] Ideas that Every __________ Needs In Her Life


How I Found Out That ________ Is The Best Medicine


Let’s Start ___________ Together


Join the [#] of People Who are Using __________ to ____________


This Went Viral and Once You Read It You’ll Know Why


To The ________ Who Will Settle For Nothing Less Than ________


Everyone who _________ Needs To Read This


Stop Searching For A ________. Read This Instead


With This ___________ Together We Can _____________


Let’s Stop ________, Once And For All


Tutorial or guide headlines


How To Make [$] With Your ________________, Step-By-Step


How To _____ In [#] Easy Steps


How To _____ In [Short Time Period]


How To Permanently Stop __________, Even If You’ve Tried Everything


How To Make A Strong _____


How To _____ The Right Way


A Complete Guide To _____


Ultimate Guide: _____


How to Tell If _____


What To Do With _____


Quick Guide: _____


Advanced Guide: _____


Beginner’s Guide: _____


Hack: _____


DIY: _____


Practical Guide: _____


How To Use ________ To Increase Your ________


How To Survive Your First ________


The Complete Library Of ________ Resources


Authoritative headlines


What [#] Studies Say About ________


[#] _______ That Are Proven To _________


[#] Data-Driven ________ From [#] Of The Most Popular ________


[#] Lessons I Learned From __________


9 Out Of 10 ________ Recommend __________


________ Regularly Pay Me [$] For This Information – But You Can Have It FREE


[#] Of Ways To _____ Backed By Science.


Behind The Scenes Of A __________


Lessons I Learned By _____


The [Authority Figure]’s Guide To _____


How To _____ Like _____


[Authority Figure]’s Top Strategies For _____


What _____ Can Teach Us About _____


_____: Backed By [Authority]


Let Me Show You The Secrets Of [Authority]


Why [Authority] Is Wrong About _____


Discover The _______ Secrets Of [Authority]


When [Authority], [Authority] & [Authority] Need ______, Here’s What They Do


Take these headlines home with you!

Snag these formulas in a searchable PDF and ALWAYS score the perfect headline!

Sooooo whatcha think?

More helpful than a Slap-Chop? (FYI have you used one?  Is it good, yay or nay? Lemme know)

More useful than a wine glass which holds an ENTIRE bottle of wine?  (Obviously I’m joking, the “I’ll just have 1 glass of wine wink wink” still tops this)

Anything you’d add?  

Tell me.  Tell it all. 

Well not ALL-all, I don’t need to know anything you’d keep between you and your doctor.  Unless it’s a funny story.  Then PLEASE, by all means, tell me that. 😉

And so you don’t have to come back to my site ALLTHETIME (though why wouldn’t you?), snag all these awesomely-awesome headlines in this sweet searchable PDF!