A crazy effective homepage has 1 job…

To lovingly walk people through the first steps of the customer journey so they’re primed for the next step.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a site that does the hard work for ya?

So when people land on your page they’re like ‘oh daaaamn, you get me!’

And it doesn’t matter whether they find you on social, Google, or look you up after hearing you on an awesome podcast interview…

Your site takes them from lookyloo to ‘I NEED YOU!!!

Maybe your site does diddly squat

(Or it’s been in draft mode foreva)

Welp, that’s normal… because most homepages aren’t designed to take someone by the hand and lead them where they need to go.

Most entrepreneurs have a Spaghetti Sauce Site.

Ever made pasta sauce from whatevs in the fridge?

Carrots... Sure 🥕
Broccoli... Toss it in 🥦
Tomatoes past their prime... Yep 🍅

This works for sauce, but...

It doesn't work on your homepage

Chaotic!  Random!  Ideas!  And! Offers! EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!

No wonder it doesn’t work, amiright?

Instead, your homepage needs to strategically walk someone through the customer journey.

Plus, when know WHAT to say - it makes whipping up a page so.much.faster.

No more second guessing every damn word.

Instead, see how to confidently guide people to the next step of the customer journey 🙌

Here's how to do that in 9 steps.  Click here to grab my  homepage framework which turns page browsers to besties!

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