March 31

How copywriting makes you a mad scientist


‘Use an emotional hook!’ is something you hear AllTheTime about copy.

But WHYYYY?!??

And is it *really* that important?


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    • yaa… the kind of effort that goes into creating and editing must be enormous…. so professional and so entertaining. wow! ❤️ it 🙂 btw your personality just oozes out in these vidoes and its super awesome.

    • I know my tag line is The Copy Pro, but I’m really all about communication in general. Even though it *feels* different, writing and video are just shades apart! I love helping people bring their own spark to whatever medium they’re using. (My spark happens to be ‘quirky’ lol!)

      And yeah there’s def a reason I didn’t become a life coach… my life advice should not always be taken 😂🥂

    • Yaa absolutely… I admire the quirky style in your communications. In fact, I shared this with my elder sis Pia who’s a writer too and loves doing video. She really liked your style.

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