How to get the Facebook pixel and install it on your website


If you want to do Facebook advertising well, you NEED the Facebook pixel.  In this post you’ll learn why the Facebook pixel is critical for Facebook marketing.


Then, watch the video to find out exactly how to get the Facebook pixel and put it in your WordPress website!


We’re talking about Facebook, the pixel, and advertising.  (These are a few of my favorite things!)  This video shows you how to get the Facebook pixel and install it in your WordPress website.  

What is the Facebook pixel?

Technically it’s a teeny tiny transparent image which sits on the header of your website.  Do you actually need to know this? No.  But it’s good trivia, right?

Now, onto the good stuff!

What’s the deal with the pixel?

Well, you’re probably well aware that Facebook likes to track information.  For businesses and marketers, this is handy since we can leverage this information for advertising!

However, Facebook’s ability to track ends where Facebook ends.  Installing the Facebook pixel on your site allows Facebook and your website to communicate – and extends Facebook’s reach.

Later on, you’ll also be able to use a modified version of the pixel to track certain desirable actions – like opting in and making purchases.  For now, we’re just getting started by installing the base pixel.

What does the Facebook pixel do?  Why do I want it?

The pixel tracks the traffic that comes to your website.  The cushion of data it builds up from the people who visit your site is what sets Facebook advertising apart.  

With data you can get really specific with who sees your ads.  Through testing, you’ll be able to hone your advertising technique so you’re only showing it to people who have the highest likelihood of wanting what you’re offering!

This data helps you create powerful ad campaigns

For example, you can choose to show ads only to the people who’ve visited your site.  

Why?  This is called a warm audience.  These people already know you exist, so now you’re working on becoming liked and trusted.  A warm audience is generally less expensive to advertise to than a cold audience – people who don’t know that you (and your business!) exist.


You can also have Facebook create a lookalike audience – a group of people with similar characteristics to the people who visit your site since they’re likely to want what you offer.

The magic of Facebook ads is in the data!

I’m not ready for Facebook advertising yet.  Should I still have the pixel on my site?

In one word: Yes!

Essentially, the pixel can sit on your site and gather valuable information.  That way, when you’re ready to start advertising, you’ve already got that cushion of data ready to go!  

OK, the Facebook pixel is awesome.  How do I get it onto my site?

If you have WordPress, I’m going to show you how to do just that!

Scroll on up to watch the video and find out how to generate the pixel code and install it on your website.

To simplifying technology while getting the most out of it,

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