How to make the most of your content

You’ve pressed ‘publish’ on your post.  Done, right?

Hold up!  You can do so much more with that glorious piece of content.  You’ve already done the work, so let’s make the most of it.

You’ve heard ‘content is king’ before?  Well, I believe distribution is queen.  Because you can have the best content in the world but if no one sees it – it’s not helping your mission.  Let’s get it out there into the big beautiful world!

Create a syndication process to spread your message far and wide.  Make like a prime time TV show and get your content everywhere you can.

Create a syndication process

Create a checklist of 4 or 5 relevant places to post your post after it’s published.

For example, Medium or LinkedIn Pulse are usually on my list of places to post to.

It can be as simple as that!

Of course, you can do a lot more with any single piece of content.  Get my ultimate list of ways to maximize your content!

To making your content work for you,

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