How to totally rock at live streams

Facebook Live.  Periscope.  YouTube Live.

Pick your poison, because live streaming is h-a-w-t.

However, when going Live, many of us are afflicted with DIHLS.

Deer In Headlights Syndrome.

You know what I mean. You start out with the best intentions but as soon as you press record… all bets are off.  You turn into a Babbly Mc Babblerson.  How is THIS supposed to help your business?


You need a live streaming plan!

I’ve got a quick script you can copy and paste into your favourite document so you can update the information as you go, or go old-school and print it off.

You can kick it up a notch and laminate it so you can use that same checklist over and over again.  I’m not even making you opt in for this, just copy the text at the end of this post and go!

Step 1 – Introduce yourself

Introduce yourself and your business.

Live streams can easily get a bigger audience than the people who follow you, so you’ll want to make sure that you introduce yourself so everyone knows who you are!

Step 2 – Know your talking points

Have a bullet point list of the two or three main points you want to cover.  Don’t script it out, just have your talking points at hand so you stay on topic and concise.

Step 3 – Ask people to follow you

Ask people to follow you in the language of that social network – subscribe, like, etc. If they liked what you were giving, tell them how to get more of it!

Step 4 – Give a gift

Give them a link to a lead magnet. You probably have a few, so choose the one most relevant to the topic you spoke about.

If you want to get real hog wild you can make specific lead magnets for each live stream as a content upgrade. I know people who do this and it works extremely well. (Let’s be real though, I’m never going to do that since it’s a crumpton of work… but if that’s your jam, go for it!)

Bonus points if you have a direct your URL to your landing page so it’s memorable.

Like, (Not a real URL. Yet.)

Step 4.5 – Make it super simple

Now you have that direct URL, put it in the description of your live stream so it’s suuuuuper easy for all to find!

Your copy & paste script

Hi! This is [your name] from [your business], where I help [your dream client] do/accomplish/get [desired result].

Today we’re going to be talking about [awesome topic]!

  • Talking point 1
  • Talking point 2
  • Talking point 3

Thanks for watching! If you found this video helpful, please [subscribe to my channel/like my page/etc] and share.

Tune in next week when I’m talking about [juicy topic!] *Give juicy details as required. Only use this line if you actually know what you’re talking about next week on your live show.

I also have a free [checklist/video/etc] which will help you [move closer to desired result]! You can get it by going to [url], or by clicking the link in the description box above!

Now, get out there and press ‘record!’  You can totally do this.

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