I KNOW there’s ‘no such thing as a stupid question’ but this one comes mighty close.

“Do you like pizza?”

Heck yes I like pizza!

And THAT’S how I ended up at the newest pizza place in town. (BTW – !)

Back to business. I noticed the pizza boxes were exceptionally thin – perfect for their *delish* thin crust pizza – and got pretty excited about it.

Oh my gosh!

I wonder if they save money because it uses less cardboard?

Or perhaps they’re particularly niche and cost even MORE than the usual boxes? (Petite clothing, I’m looking at you!)

Is there an entire niche industry of thin crust pizza box manufacturers?

Or maybe they’ve been custom made?

At the very least the storage costs must be less… they can squeeze more into a tiny spot!

Good grief! I’m not the only one who thinks about these things, right??