I cringe every time I see this

Without knowing it, people cut themselves off at the knees from getting business...

All because they introduce themselves with the ‘fill in the blank’ method:

I’m a ___________
I do ____________

​How this plays out...

​Them: So what do you do?
Me: I’m a copywriter.
Them: Oh... cool.
*awkward silence*

Whomp-whomp.  Been there, right?

It doesn’t GO anywhere.  It's a dead end.

Here’s what to say instead.

If someone is familiar with your niche...

You know how most [audience identifiers] have this [common problem]? Well, I help them [get this result].

So, like [client success story].

If they're not, use this golden oldie opener...

​I help [audience identifiers] [get this result].

So, for example [client success story].

Let's try it...

​So you know how most online course creators get tired of the stress and hoopla of launching?

Well, I help them take their existing program and turn it into a highly profitable consulting offer that they can sell every day of the year - without launching.

Take Lila. She launched successfully for a number of years, but with a new baby she didn’t have the time or energy to put into another lunch again. Plus, the return on launching was getting less and less with the cost of ads going up.

So we turned her course into a premium one day consulting offer so now she only works one day a week and averages more than when she was on the launch model.

​THAT'S better, ain't it?

It works on multiple levels...

✔️ Magnetic - When your dream client sees this, they can’t help themselves but need to know more

✔️ Mesmerizing - The story gives social proof and lets people see what’s possible for them

✔️ Memorable - not only does this stick out in the minds of dream clients, other people remember it - and can be great referral sources

Plus, it gives you a boost of confidence to introduce yourself #likeaboss.

Straight outta the gate you've upleveled and set yourself apart from everyone else doing the same thing as you!

Now you’ve got (free! organic!) traffic from two social sources…

​- Your own profiles
- By tapping other audiences

Let’s talk about where it ends up

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