“What the hell is going on?”

Jake went to log into his e-commerce store… nothing.

Like, nothing-nothing.

The site was no longer there.

Poof. Gone. Erased off the face of the Internet.

In a panic he checked the Transferwise account...

Where were those subscription payments that were supposed to be processed that morning? 

That was their mortgage money. Put-food-on-the-table money. Survive-till-next-month money.

They COUNTED on it. They NEEDED it.

“Sarah, did you do something with the store?” He called in a strangled voice to his wife, hoping this was routine maintenance she hadn’t mentioned.

“No, I haven’t logged in since Wednesday.” She poked her head out of their son’s room after wrestling him into a onesie. “Why?”

“I think…” he breathed shakily. “We got hacked - and lost everything.”

​I dunno about you,

But I just made a mental note to update my site security 🤦‍♀️

This guest post was ALMOST a couple boring blurbs about plugins.  (This is paraphrased from memory btw, but the gist is there)

Luckily whoever he was guest posting for was like ‘Bro, we need the story’ and THANK GAWD!!

Instead of a snoozefest, it's "getcha right here ❤️" meaningful and persuasive.

That's the magic of Hook 2: Storytelling.

Stories keep attention - and you can use them to 'check the boxes' for Hook 1 AND 3 of The Binge Effect!

Stories make us CARE

It takes something vague, dull, and meaningless (goodgawd who wants to read about plugins?!) and makes us GET IT. 

Oh daaaang, don’t wanna lose my site. Gotta update my shizz!!

Suddenly I give AF cuz I "see" myself there.  (And this is great for biz!)

Hollywood knows our brains are HARDWIRED to pay attention to story, which is why we binge like mofos.

See, ‘back the in the day’ we used stories to pass along life-or-death info - so we REMEMBER stories (up to 22X more than a plain fact!)

That’s why you can remember that embarrassing thing that happened to your bestie 13 years ago (lolzzzz that they WISH you'd forget)... 

But can’t remember the ratio of Basmati rice to water.  Not just me, right?

And when people care, they click… consume… BUY!

There’s 4 stories every entrepreneur must tell

And I’ve made it super-freaking-practical.

Ever wish you had natural-born charisma and charm so people hang off your every word...

Lap up everything you create... 

And reach for their credit card when you make an offer?

It’s not magic (but it sure feels that way!)

It’s the psychology-backed science of storytelling…

And I break it down step-by-step so you unleash the full power of The Binge Effect and tell stories that sell!

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