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With an email list of people who want to buy, you can be just an email away from your next sale.

Follow these 4 steps to create a high-converting opt in page!

"I had the most fun and ease writing my page with your training, and I even took The Copy Cure!"

Vanessa Ann Miller

It seems like EVERYONE IN THE WORLD visits your page, but no one opts in

Ok, SOME people sign up.

But c’mon Brenda, brendas-junk-email@yahoo.com isn’t even trying. And who uses Yahoo anymore, anyway?

You have an awesome lead magnet, but people bounce from your page faster than deleting ‘Nigerian prince’ emails.

What gives?

Babe, your page needs a makeover

You need to Queer Eye the hell out of your landing page so it attracts dreamy wannabe customers.

The kind who are like ‘yessss I NEED THIS and everything else you've got!'

Who actually look forward to your emails…

Who buy your stuff, take action, and get awesome results…

THOSE are the kinda people to attract 🙌

Fill your pipeline with future dream customers

When your page converts, things start falling into place...

Finally catch up with your BFF over a glass of cab-sav, have an afternoon nap, or board a flight to Portugal - all while sales roll in.

👆Yes, this is my real life

I want this for you too, boo

K maybe you’re into Chardonnay 🥂 or your idea of a good time is walking your kiddo to school in the morning, but that’s po-tay-to po-tah-to.

The point is you’ve got “hashtag goals” and want a successful biz that supports your lifestyle.

Your landing page is where it all starts. If you want sales, you need to fill your pipeline full of future dream customers first. Ya?  Ya.

You spend so much time on your lead magnet that

you're "over it" by the time you get to the page

You Pinterested a few examples and slapped something together...

Or filled out a template that SEEMED kinda icky and 'not you' but *shrug* this is how it's done, right? 🤔

Crossed your fingers and fired up some ads...

Whomp-whomp, sad trombone.

Ads get clicked.
Costs rise.
But you ain’t getting leads.


Turn browsers into leads with

I take you section-by-section through the 4 parts of a high-converting landing page.

I get paid $1000 to create a landing page for clients - and I'm sharing my top 'slam dunk' strategies with you!

This quick implementation guide is packed with practical tips

Starter copy + editable doc so you hit the ground running right away

Proven headline formulas to create a catchy title in a snap

How to create a button which says “CLICK ME!”

2 simple ways to make an offer so irresistible even you’ll want it

The quick bio that increases opt-ins (and doesn’t sound awk)

The ‘lazy’ Facebook ad tip to get more leads without spending more

 The 2-second test which proves if your page makes the grade

The Mission: Impossible headline hack

6 mobile mistakes that can kill 80% of conversions (do this instead)

The checklist I use with high end clients to make conversion-boosting tweaks

Lemme  show  you  around!

Grow a highly-targeted list as hungry as people trying to get Taylor Swift tickets

Oh haiiii!

I’m Katie Momo, sales strategist and copy expert.

Back when I ran Facebook ads for clients, I had ONE major problem.

Ads got clicks, but my client's landing page didn't convert.

I had a crazy idea…

“Hey, can I have the login for your landing page? If I tinker with it, this just might work.”

I made some changes, crossed my fingers, and hoped for the best.

The next morning I checked the ad account - and picked my jaw up off the floor.


Leads were flowing.
The list was growing.
... And I hadn’t touched the ads at all.

Just a few landing page tweaks changed everything.

I went ALL IN on learning, testing, dialling in #allthethings which make a huge difference in conversions.

I’ve wrapped up my fav quick fixes in Landing Page Charm School so you can grow a list of "OMG give it to me now" leads!

Featured by smart + influential brands

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Solidify your lead generation with a page that works 24/7…

Compellingly articulate why someone needs your opt in…

Get ready-to-use starter copy you can use today…

Make your existing landing pages more effective…

Confidently create brand-new offers from scratch…

Fill your pipeline with dream customers…

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