Learn the ropes of Periscope

Full confession – I’m a bit of a nerd. (Not a geek as in a Star Wars-watching type, but I like to read and study.  A lot.)

I also like to know what I’m getting into before doing something. If I’m out of the house for any length of time, you can bet I’ve got a survival pack of goodies in my purse!

So, before stepping out into Periscope I’ve spent a ton of time studying how to make the most of a scope!

This isn’t a step-by-step how-to tutorial. I totally recommend checking out some of the ah-ma-zing videos on YouTube for that.

This is more about the nuances of Periscope – the finer points about making a scope captivating!


Plan your scope
Have a plan for your topic so you can be concise!
You can write out a list of your talking points so you remember them – it’s easy to forget as the conversation gets going.

Hang up the ‘Do not Disturb’ sign
Put your phone on ‘do not disturb’ or ‘airplane’ mode (if you are OK with using data) so you don’t have phone calls or messages interrupting your scope!

Spread the word
Drum up anticipation (and viewers) by telling people about your upcoming scope!

15 minutes in advance of your scope, let your followers on your other social media channels know. Announce that in T-15 minutes, you’ll be scoping about “blank!”

Repeat this at the 10 and 5 minute mark prior to your broadcast. Once you start, then you can also tweet out the direct link to your scope.

Make your title *Eye Catching!*
– Make sure it states your topic
– Longer titles take up more space on the list of active scopes so are easier to catch the eye.
– Using emojis brighten it up!
– Typing the link to an opt-in which relates to your topic can get viewers to CONVERT!

Starting your scope

Position yourself in the frame
You want to make sure you’re sitting pretty!

Position yourself so you fit in the top of the frame.
This way, the comments won’t cover your bee-youtiful face. Plus, the thumbnail updates about every 30 seconds so you’ll always want to be in that thumbnail (unless you’re showing something specific).

Look into the camera!
We naturally want to look a the comments (and of course, glance down to check them out), but try and keep your focus on the lil’ camera. It makes people feel like you’re actually looking at them.

Meet ‘n’ greet midscope

Set the mood
You might want to have some music playing as people pile in! It’s fun and gives people something to listen to as you’re busy meeting and greeting.

In the beginning…
As people come in to your scope, say hi! It might take a bit of time to get your scope numbers up, so really use this time to get to know people and make them feel special (because they are!).

Also, it builds anticipation if you drop hints about your topic.

Things to say:
– Ask people for their names. Ask them to write it in CAPS so it’s easier for you to read it.
– Ask people what city they’re in
– Thank people for joining
– Thank the replay viewers

Ask people to invite their friends
Yessss! Have your peeps bring in their peeps. Spread the love, and the knowledge!

Tell people who you are
Give people your glorious one-line elevator pitch so people know who you are and what you’re about. You can also throw this out a few times throughout your scope as new people join.

Tell ‘em what you’re going to tell ‘em
Like any good presentation, give people a ‘roadmap’ of what you’ll be covering. Again, if you get a lot of people joining mid-scope, you can recap this so they know where you are and where you’re going.

As the hearts roll in, thank people!
Thank people for the love!

You can also explain why hearts are so lovely. Since people can’t see your previous scopes (over the 24-hour period), hearts rack up and are the social proof that you’re bringing valuable content. This social proof helps other people recognize you as an influencer.

Keep it lively
Bring some good energy to your scope! People feed off your energy, so keep it light and bright.

Finish the scope

The grand recap
Quickly recap your talking points so people have a refresher of what you covered.

Finish with a Call-to-Action
Ok, you were super awesome for giving away all this free info! So what do you want people to do now? Subscribe? Join a program? Follow you on Facebook? Finish with a call to action so people know what step to take next,

Various scope notes

– If you have a timeframe for your scope (example:15 minutes) it’s nice to state it right off the bat. Of course comments make it longer, but if you can let people know you’ll be finished the ‘meat’ of the scope in 15 minutes, they’ll have an idea of the time commitment.

– If you have limited time, you can always choose to answer the comments on a separate scope or tweet people later. Either way, whether you answer comments at the end of your scope or after – the interaction is super important so you’ll want to make sure you connect with people. It’s the magic of Periscope!

– If you missed some of the comments, you can always let people know to post their comment again so you can answer it.

If you’d like a step-by-step intro to Periscope, I enjoyed  Ileane Smith’s 5-minute tutorial and Danielle Ford’s 18-minute Periscope 101 guide.


Scroll through scopes
You can now scroll through replays! I’m so excited to have the ability to fast-forward, AND to reverse so I can re-read comments. Press and hold to scroll through the video.

This is also REALLY helpful because if you scroll to the end, it shows how long the scope is. That way you know how much time to dedicate to watching it.

I’m SO HAPPY to have this update!
Map shows live & replay views
If you have your location function turned on, you’ll show on the map as always. The big update is that it also shows replay videos for 24 hours. Blue dots are for replays, red dots are live.

Plus, you can now zoom in on the map and it will live update to show more scopes happening in that local area.

Hope you enjoyed my precursor to Periscope!

Have you used Periscope?  Let me know how it went in the comments below!

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