Liebster Award Q+A

So you might’ve heard already…

That the Brilliant Media Marketing blog has been nominated for an award!  Read more about it riiiiiiiight here.

…And now I’ve got some work to do.

There’s more to it than just accepting it and dancing around the living room to celebrate.  (Though I HAVE already done that!)  

I have to answer 11 questions presented to me by my nominator, Angie Briggs of Feet Do Travel.  Most of these are travel related, so I hope you enjoy traveling as much as I do and can get a few good tips out of it!

Here’s what I cover in my Q+A:

1. How many years would you say you’ve been travelling and can you remember your first trip way and how it made you feel?

My parents took me traveling from a very young age – before I can remember, actually.  My grandparents were snowbirds in Florida so we went there a lot.  As a consequence – we went to Disney World often!  Probably not the most ‘travel-y’ place, but I had a lot of fun.  I also loved considering the artistry of the park, and also the operations… kind of nerdy, but it was interesting!


2. When you are travelling/away from home, what do you miss most?

I don’t miss much when I’m traveling!  Probably the biggest things are consistency and having all my tools at the ready. 

It’s easier to plan my day at home because I have more control over what’s going on.  When you’re traveling, you have to go with the flow!  I also don’t have everything with me when I’m away (like this camera and my microphone, for example) so home is great because I’ve got everything I need there.


3. I have confessed to my guilty pleasure in life, but what is yours? This could be doing something, a TV programme or maybe even music!

Bad 90’s pop music – I work out to it all the time!


4. Have you ever seen or done anything so incredible that you became emotional?

Anything fluffy and cute can make me tear up.  SPCA commercials?  THE WORST!


5. As a blogger, what is the post you are most proud of and why? Share the link here.

I love this post about not building your whole business on social media!  I think we tend to forget that it’s rented land. We become really comfortable with social media but forget that we need to bring people back to our websites and email lists because we OWN them!  It struck a chord with people so I know it’s a good one – plus it was both helpful AND had a dash of entertainment. (I think, anyway!)


6. Have you had a fear that you confronted whilst travelling?

It’s hard to go with the flow sometimes.  Last fall we went to the South of France and there was a major flood which washed away part of the train track.  We got ‘stuck’ in Nice, flights were full, we didn’t know how to get out or where we’d be able to stay the extra nights… then once the trains started running again, there was a train strike!  It’s stressful and it’s hard to roll with it sometimes – but it’s a good exercise to go through.


7. Are you a mountain, ocean, animal or architecture person (or which mixture)

Probably an architecture and ocean person most… but also an animal person!


8. If you were stranded on a dessert island, what famous person would you want to be there with you and why?

Richard Branson.  He’s smart, thinks outside the box, and is funny!  We’d probably start a business, do some humanitarian work, and make money to boot.  Plus get off than dang island!


9. Do you have “one thing you want to do before you die” and if so, what is it?

Um, I need to work on this.  I realize I need some new goals… kind of met some recently so now I need to set my sights higher!


10. Do you have 1 luxury or unnecessary item (like a tin of spam or a doll) that you must take with you on your travels? What is it and why?

Haha!  Spam… anyway.  I travel standby so I have limited luggage so I don’t carry anything unnecessary. 

This isn’t REALLY a luxury, but I always take a saline nose spray to use during the flight.  It really does help prevent you from picking something up during the flight!  But not getting sick after traveling is a luxury in my books.


11. Is there one thing you need to buy as a souvenir or do you collect something specific on your travels? It could be a present for someone or perhaps you have to own a pair of socks from every new country you visit!

I don’t typically buy anything when I’m away.  I always search for the perfect image to capture the spirit of my trip – even with hundreds of pictures, I’ll probably only get 1 or 2 which really evoke That Feeling of the trip.

I also realized I inadvertently buy pens… just because I usually wear out the one I’ve brought with me!  So I forgot to mention that in the video.  It’s unintentional, but somehow I now have a tradition of buy a pen while traveling.

Here’s the questions I’m asking my nominees…

  •  In your opinion, what is the most undervalued entrepreneurial skill?


  • What advice would you give to someone just starting blogging?


  • What is your favourite business book and why?


  • What has been the thing which has moved your business forward the most?


  • What’s your biggest struggle in blogging?


  • Finish the sentence: My blog helps my business…


  • It’s likely a combination, but which of the following best describes your reasons for starting a business and why?
    – Passion and fulfillment – This is what I love doing
    – Calling – I’m serving the world in the best way I can
    – Wealth – I want wealth and financial freedom
    – Flexibility – I want to work when I want, and with the people I want to work with


  • What’s hardest for you: coming up with the blog idea, writing the post, or formatting/creating visuals/publishing?


  • What task did you get off your plate (or want to get off your plate) first through hiring or outsourcing?  (For me it was entering expenses!)


  • Knowing what you know now, if you were starting a new business with just $100 – what would be your first steps?


  • The one tool/app/service my business cannot live without is…

Hope you got some enlightenment out of those answers!  I realized a few things myself – so I’m going to start putting my new ideas in motion.  Of course, I’d love to hear about your ideas, so come on into the Club and we can chat about it!

If you have a business, come on in to my cozy Facebook group!  We love chatting about biz-centric stuff.  See ya there!

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