Magic ingredient

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So what’s the key magical ingredient to creating a high-ticket offer?

It's a high-touch component.

People want access to you, your brilliance, and to get EXACTLY what they need - ASAP.

They don’t wanna sit through a program full of videos that only a small part of it applies to them. Or squeeze in a one-size-fits-all service package.

They want to know specifically what works for them, how to apply it, and what works best, STAT. 

There’s people in your audience RIGHT NOW who value time + execution over price...

And are happy shelling out big bucks to get what they're after.

Denise Duffield-Thomas, the Lucky B herself, recommends adding a VIP offer...

​And to do that, you need to show up like The Expert

Just like we talked about in the first episodes of this series, positioning yourself like a BAWSE is the first step in shifting to high-ticket offers so you can scale small and profitably.

And if you’re like every amazing entrepreneur I know - you’d love to confidently say why you’re The One someone should choose.

So let’s make that happen!

I’ve got my Awesome About Page process which quickly guides you through creating an introduction that gets your dream clients excited to work with you at a high level.

Not only can you use this for your About Page, but it also gives you the ingredients you need to introduce yourself with ease - whether you’re a podcast guest or featured expert, you’ll use what’s here to set the stage and OWN your brilliance and story.

​I guide you step-by-step to:

► Find the Hook that lures dream clients in, like gals to Pumpkin Spice Lattes

► Neatly package up your ‘history’ so it’s cohesive, compelling, and makes total sense (even if it feels like your experience is varied and scattered!)

► Be relatable so your dream clients are like ‘oh damnnnn, SHE GETS ME!!’ and make the competition irrelevant

Elegantly showcase your credibility, experience, and expertise (without sounding like a braggy blow hard, cuz that’s so not your style!)

► Invite dream clients to take the next step with you

This is the same process I use with clients who pay me $1000 an hour, but I’m giving you this quick, to-the-point training for just $27.

Don’t let another sale slip by just because you can’t find the words to say how amazing you are.  (And yassss, you ARE amazing!)

In just an hour or two, you’ll have an About page and intro that gives people a glimpse of ‘you’ that leaves them wanting more, more, more.

Positioning yourself as the expert is ESSENTIAL to high-ticket offers - so let's create your winning About page in 6 simple steps.

Make an Awesome About Page!

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