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Over the next few pages you'll see 7 key shifts to positioning your offer for top dollar.

Focusing on high ticket offers instead of courses + projects scaled my revenue - while only working a day or two a week.

Whether you're a program creator, coach, consultant or service provider, this will be is immediately useful to you.

It’s long, but I know you’re in it for the long game ❤️


It's high time you position yourself to match your Brilliance!

Grab your earbuds to listen!

... and have high-ticket offers to match.  

I'm about to share 7 key shifts to positioning your program or service for top dollar.

Because you see other people do it... and deep down you're sure (well, PRETTY sure, thanks imposter syndrome!) that you're just as good as they are.

You have the expertise and experience, and it's high time you get get paid highly for the amazing results you get for clients and customers.

But what do they know that you don't?

Well, what's in here will help you join that 1% club of people who are earning the most AND spending their time doing what they LOVE doing...

​And yes, this works especially well if you want your business to stay small

​Like REALLY small. Just you and an assistant or two, rocking the big bucks while spending as little time plugging away at your MacBook as little as possible.

Here's the kicker - I've seen tiny businesses turn more profit than big ones, and without the crazy stress and overhead.  Helloooooo! 🙌

Because lemme guess, you didn't start your business to have boring team meetings? Huge (expensive!) launches? Build funnels so complicated you need a NASA rocket scientist to figure it out?


If you want to crack 6 figures (or multiple), the best way to scale isn't through the 'traditional' way of scaling...

It's by having high-ticket offers so you only need to serve a handful of people a month to make your goal.

(Plus, it's how you get BIG results for clients - and if you're like me, this is what gets me major jazzed!)

And it lets you have a biz that's flexible. No crazy mega launch schedule, hundreds of customers a month needing support, yada yada.

Most importantly, it creates a business that suits your lifestyle. Which for me means being able to catch a last-minute flight to Portugal, never setting an alarm clock, and having the freedom to take any ol' day off during the week.

So if that sounds up your alley, you'll love what's in this series 🙌

First up, we're talking about how you gotta...

​Name and claim your expertise

​Lemme tell you about Sarah.

So when we first started hanging out, she was a VA.

Virtual assistants are soooo important, but frankly are a dime a dozen.

And the TITLE ALONE capped her income. There's only so much people will pay for a virtual assistant.

But I realized Sarah - just like a lot of program creators and service providers I work with - had an expertise she was just too shy to claim.

You know what it is...

It's something you LOVE, totally lights you up, you're freakin' amazing at (in fact it comes SO easy that you don't even value how good you are!)...

But you haven't OWNED it yet.

So you stick to a generic title which secretly erodes your revenue, every single day.

​Own your brilliance - and people happily pay

​We leaned into Sarah's experience and expertise with challenge launches.

In 1 year Sarah had done back-to-back launches for group coaching programs, making her one of the most knowledgeable experts around.

But you'd never know it, because she billed herself as an assistant.

Repositioning herself from a VA to a Challenge Launch Integrator immediately shifted what she charged and who she attracted.

Clients looking for that expertise are more than happy to shell out the #bigbucks for the right person. It acts like an Instagram filter for clients, only letting the most ready and willing through.

So much of what people buy is your confidence, and your expertise, and the confidence that THEY have in your expertise. These are the hidden underlying benefits people secretly pay for when they choose high-ticket.

Literally just changing your title goes a long way to positioning yourself as high-end.

Next, you'll hear more about Sarah and how we shifted her messaging to position her for top dollar - so you can do the same.

By the end you'll see how to...

... Shift your offer from ‘nice to have’ to MUST HAVE

... Sidestep the trend that blocks high-ticket sales (everyone says DON'T do this, but it's not true!)

... Make even your high-end price a no-brainer - major 'aha' here 💡

Next,  position yourself as "THE" expert in just 1 sentence...

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