Have customers singing

“You’re the one that I want! Ooo ooo ooo, honey”

while you laugh all the way to the bank

Have customers saying

“You’re the one I want!

Ooo ooo ooo, honey”

while you laugh all the way to the bank


Your phone jolts to life with a notification.

*Buzz* *Buzz*

Phone still pinging, you check what’s going on - and see your lock screen is full of payment notifications.

“Very few people have mastered the gift of communication like Katie Momo"
Rachel Pedersen, The Viral Touch
"Queen Of Social Media"

Okaaay, so your page got you this far

It’s doing the job and bringing in sales - but you KNOW you’re leaving dinero on the table.

And helloooo, you’d rather have those 000’s in your Stripe account!

Sounds like someone needs a Copy Makeover.  (And that someone is you!)

It's like Sephora, for words

With a Copy Makeover, I take your proven copy and sprinkle in persuasive pixie dust.

(AKA the stuff that makes people go "I NEED THISSSS!" and tap your buy button)

People after reading your upgraded copy:

This is where the magic happens

Listen - don't redo your page from scratch.

Since your page is already working, the REAL conversion-pumping magic happens by building on that solid foundation.

I use real-world data from your buyers to upgrade your copy so your page is on point.

I amp up the awesome by...

→ Making your offer crystal clear so people know EXACTLY what they're getting (and WHY they need it!)

→ Adding punch + personality so 'you' shine through 

→ Infusing your page with powerful sales psychology and messages that have proven to convert

"I struggled with this for a YEAR, and you fixed it in 10 MINUTES!!"

- Shari

Here's the thing...

Getting your copy right is almost as important as the offer itself.

Because if it doesn't say what people need to hear - they won't buy.

How about we get your copy saying the right things?  ;)

How it works

Step 1


I'll gather everything I need from you to upgrade your page.

This includes going through the data you've collected so I know what works.

Step 2


Enjoy having the work done for you! :)

I may have a quick question while I work, so just be available by email in case I need clarification.

Step 3


Paste your new copy into your page and put it to work!

You'll also get a video walkthrough with bonus recommendations.

She Sold out   her program!

We transformed Jo's program into a high-ticket offer that made her EXCITED about her business again - and she sold every spot!

"Working with Katie felt like I had a partnership with someone who had my business and mine's best interests in mind.

Katie rocks.  You need her in your life.

Super professional, over deliverer rockstar copy legend who genuinely cares about your business results."

2 ways to work with me:

Send me a message with the link to your sales page and I can recommend which option is best for you. If your page could use extra help beyond these options, I'll let you know.

I work on time-based packages so you get on my calendar faster - and copy written sooner!

A lotta help

6 hours of copy optimization


✔️ Add persuasive punch + sales psychology

✔️ Make proven data-driven optimizations

✔️ Recommendation wrap-up video

Slide into my DMs + say "I'd like a lotta help"

A little help

3 hours of copy optimization


✔️ Add persuasive punch + sales psychology

✔️ Make proven data-driven optimizations

✔️ Recommendation wrap-up video

Slide into my DMs + say "I'd like a little help"

You might've seen me here

Ooo, tell me #allthethings!

How long does it take?

I book up quick, so if you’re thinking of a Makeover sesh reach out ASAP so you don’t miss the boat. 

If I'm available right away, it takes 2 weeks to get everything done. Depending on my schedule, I may be able to finish in just a few days once I receive your prep work!

Week 1: Go through the prep guide to gather everything I need

Week 2: I amp up your copy

How soon I can take you depends on my schedule.  Click here to reach out on Facebook and let's chat!

How does it work?

Here's the process step by step:

1 - Send me a message so we can talk about your copy + see if it's the right fit for a Makeover

2 - If it's a go I'll send you the link to buy your sesh

3 - You'll get my Copy Makeover Google Doc so you can fill out with everything I need 

4 - Once you send it back, I'll start working. While I work on your copy, I may message you for clarification.

5 - At the end of the session you'll get the Google Doc with your copy and any recommendations for your next steps!

Coolio?  Let's chat.

How much time should I book?

It depends on your page and what you'd like done.

As a rough guide, I can typically optimize 1 section an hour:

> In 3 hours I can go through about 3 sections

> In 6 hours I can go through about 6 sections

Though that depends entirely on how much is in each section, how far it is from where it needs to be, all that good stuff.

Depending on your page, it may be better to 'go deep' on some sections, or lightly go through top-to-bottom.

Send me a link to your page and let's chat about the best way to optimize it.

What if I want more done once the time is up?

Makeovers are time blocks, not completed projects.  I'll make the most significant changes I can within the time you booked.

As this is time-based, additional revisions and editing are not included once the buzzer goes.

In my wrap up video I'll give you any recommendations about the next steps for your page.  You can also continue the awesome by booking another sesh.

Do you like puppies?

Yes, yes I DO! Thank you for asking. You’re so sweet.

You're thisclose to more sales

You're just a few weeks away from freshly upgraded copy that has people pressing your buttons (in a good way ;)

More people will see how great your offer is, so more people buy, meaning you'll help more people - and make more money. Win-win-win!!

Get a copy makeover!

✔️ Add persuasive punch + sales psychology

✔️ Make proven data-driven optimizations

✔️ Recommendation wrap-up video

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