The ‘OMG I’m already finished!’ blog post template

You’ve been sitting in front of your computer for what feels like EVER — and your blog post is nothing more than a blank page.

That damn cursor blinks obnoxiously back at you from a blank screen, mocking you as the seconds tick by. (You suddenly realize why it is called a curse-or.)

Something’s gotta inspire you, right?

So you check your email.


17 cat videos later, your post isn’t any closer to being done.

Then you have a stroke of brilliance.

“Of course! The best writers are known to drink and write. That’s the secret!” So you pour yourself a Hemingway inspired daiquiri or a Fitzgerald-favourite gin and wait for the wellspring of words to flow forth.

But by the fourth drink the world is blurry, the cat videos are even funnier, and you’re down a deep dark hole ‘researching’ on Facebook what your ex is up to. (Oh sheeeet, did I just click the ‘like’ button on that photo by accident?! Unlike! UNLIKE!!)

Damn. This is NOT working.

There’s got to be a better way.

And you can get it right here – the exact winning template I used to write this blog post.

Use it as a guiding light for your articles and you’ll write engaging, helpful blog posts in record time. And here in this very post you see it in action.

So let’s get into the tips which will make your blog oh-so-much better.

Make it fun to read

Let’s be honest, a blog post about HOW to write a blog post could potentially the be the most boring thing in the world.

So far it’s been pretty entertaining, right?

Like, you’re still here reading it. And that’s a major win.

Here is what a lot of businesses don’t get… The brain doesn’t pay attention to boring things.

And in case you are Mr. or Mrs. “I’m just gonna scan this” I’ll repeat it for effect. Because you can’t afford to miss it.


You’re creating content to help grow your business, right?  And in order for your content to do that, it has to be consumed.  For it to be consumed, it has to feel fun!

People are not getting paid to read your blog. They don’t HAVE to do it. And if it’s super boring, they WON’T to do it.

So up the ‘fun’ factor and watch the content magic happen.

It’s a win-win… because not only will it be more fun for your audience to read, it’ll be more fun for YOU to write!

Make it easy to read

Ahhh. Look at those headers.

They draw your eye in saying ‘read me! Here’s a preview of the next few paragraphs. If it’s useful to you, dive in!’  They let you scan this article Like A Boss.

But there’s more to it than that.

Look at how short these sentences are. And paragraphs. Geeze, the last one was a single sentence.

No chunky block of text which screams, “THIS IS BRUTAL!!! IT’S AS PAINFUL AS READING A TEXTBOOK!”

Short sentences & paragraphs gives you the feeling of momentum, of scrolling down the page, of successfully getting through the article.

Serve your words in non-threatening mini helpings – which may be not much longer than a tweet.

Totally readable.

Make it rewarding to read

Your blog is not about you.

No matter how fantastically interesting, amazing, special-snowflake you are, people will not consume your business content if it’s all about YOU.

(Unless you’re a Kardashian. There’s an exception to every rule.)

Ultimately you’ve gotta make it worth someone’s while to read. They need valuable takeaways – whether it’s an actionable tip or useful insight. 

Infotainment at its best.

There you have it. Make your blog posts fun, easy, and rewarding to read – and follow this template for a killer post in record time.

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