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speaking engagements, interviews, profiles, telesummits, + expert commentary.

I’ve got a lot to share, friends.

Whether you’re looking for expert insights on the world to digital marketing or inspiration for entrepreneurs, I’m delighted to share my experiences.

If you have an audience of business owners or entrepreneurs, an active following + subscriber base, and want to chat about anything in my fav topics listed below, we may be a brilliant fit.

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Here’s my fav topics to talk about:

Copywriting + Content

We create a whole lotta content over here – from writing websites, to courses, to video, we work with media of all sorts.  Let’s talk about it!


Building a business from the ground up takes a grit, gumption, and passion… not to mention a small dose of crazy!

I’m a huge believer in creating a business which lets you have the lifestyle you want.  I’m happy to share the gems of wisdom I’ve gathered along the way – from biz development to productivity to running a business effectively.

Soul-centered business

I love running a business which feels right to me.  It feels amazing to be of service and provide value to other businesses – it brings such joy!

I believe that having a business gives more opportunities to help others as well.  The more I earn, the more I contribute to making the world a better place.  I donate throughout the year to various organizations which speak to me.  Having a business which aligns with your purpose and values is rewarding, fulfilling, and lets you bring even more goodness into the world.

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  • Live recordings
  • (Most) topics outside of my stated scope
  • …And anything I’m required to share with my followers


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