5 steps to a more profitable

Sales Page

See the *magic* behind-the-scenes of a Sales Page Makeover!

5 steps to a more profitable

Sales Page

See the *magic* behind-the-scenes of a Sales Page Makeover!

"50 people joined my program, thanks to my new sales page!"

Jen Hernandez

Founder of Plant-Powered Kidneys

Your page is working okaaaay...

But it could be better.

Sure, it's made your business thousands of dollars (yay!), 

But even more people would enroll in your course or program if your page was clear and compelling.

Your offer is AMAZING and gets incredible results - you just need to know how to explain it so people really "get" it.  

That's exactly what I do in a Sales Page Makeover :)

Here, let me tell you about it!...

Oh hai, it me  :)

What is a Sales Page Makeover?

My signature process for optimizing your copy is the most effective way to upgrade your sales page. 

Instead of starting from scratch, I build on what already works.

I clarify your existing copy, fill the gaps, and give it the 'wow!' factor based on what gets your people enrolling.

You come away with a page that makes you so freakin' proud and excited, you can't WAIT to talk about your offer!

See the difference it makes!

Before the Makeover...

After the Makeover!

This went from being vague and unclear about how it moves people closer to their goals,

To being highly specific, relevant and easily understood by the target audience.

Copy techniques I used include:

  • Overcoming the "I can Google it" objection by sharing they can't get this info elsewhere: We cover things nobody talks about 
  • Helping them avoid (costly) mistakes: the pros and cons of buying new or used, RV personalization
  • Addressing questions they're asking themselves: keep, sell or rent?
  • Making it feel easy, quick and doable: downsizing in just 3 weeks
  • Showing how this saves money: how to get campground fees paid for

After working on over 500 sales pages, I know my stuff inside & out

Here's how it all shakes down...

5 steps of a Sales Page Makeover

Step 1


First, fill out this form to let me know about your project.

If it looks like we're a good fit, we'll book a consultation.

I'll look at your current copy and ask a few questions to get the 'big picture'.

If we decide to work together, we'll schedule your Makeover and take care of the paperwork. 

Depending on your needs, I might give you some resources or recommendations so you get even better results from the Makeover.

I'll gather all your client data (like testimonials, surveys and case studies) and start prepping for our call!

Step 2 

Kickoff Call

Next we have our Kickoff Call!

Before the call, I go through your copy and data and create a customized questionnaire based on your offer. 

We jump on Zoom for 90ish minutes and I ask you #allthethings so I'll have everything I need to showcase your offer in the best light. :)

Clients say the "ahas!" they get from the kickoff call alone is worth the investment. They come away with newfound clarity on how to talk about their offer so people want to join!

Step 3 


Research time! I go through the Kickoff Call notes, offer content, testimonials, reviews, surveys, and your community. 

I identify key themes, common threads, and gaps in your messaging.

Now I have the most important points according to your data, so I know what your copy needs to say!  :)

With my fresh perspective and trained eye, I can spot game-changing insights that are otherwise easy to miss. 

These insights help me explain your offer so dream clients realize "ohhhh this is made for me! I need this!"

Step 4 


Now I get down to business! This is where the "writing" part in the copywriting process actually happens :)

I lovingly upgrade your copy based on what works according to your data and clients. (No more guessing at what to say!)

If questions crop up while writing, we'll swap a few quick emails to make sure everything is ticky-poo...

But for the most part, you get to relax while I get to work!

Literally me (except maybe not as cute lol!)

Step 5


OMGGGG, it's ready!!! 🎉

Check it over, do a few lil' tweaks so it's perfectly "you", and send the copy to your tech team to 'paste' into your page!

I deliver the copy in a Google Doc that literally looks like a sales page. It gives your team direction about 'what goes where' on your page so they know exactly what to do.

You also get my Copy Makeover Kit, which includes resources and recommendations to give you the best results.

Clients often tell me that I finally helped them find the words to describe their offer - something they've typically struggled with for years!

Seriously tho, I'd love to talk about helping you too. How 'bout it?

"You are worth every penny and more that I have invested in you"

She Sold out   her program!

We transformed Jo's program into a high-ticket offer that made her EXCITED about her business again - and she sold every spot!

"Working with Katie felt like I had a partnership with someone who had my business and mine's best interests in mind.

Katie rocks.  You need her in your life.

Super professional, over deliverer rockstar copy legend who genuinely cares about your business results."

- Jo Bendle

Founder of Meant For More® Framework 

"I recommend Katie 100%"

Before working with Katie, I was struggling to put my offer into words.

I didn't know how to explain it in an easy to understand, non-coach way.

I immediately thought of Katie and knew she'd be the one who could help me.

I gained a lot of clarity about what is important for potential clients to know, & how to make the wording interesting so it’s not boring.

Katie put a lot of effort into understanding my coaching program.

I was positively surprised at how well she understood what I wanted to say, but couldn’t.

Now I have a full sales page I can copy/paste into my website, and it's amazing!

I recommend Katie 100%. She is an expert at what she does - and working with her is filled with laughter and fun!

Lara D'Aurelio

Founder of The Flying Solo program

"You're friggin' amazing!"

Oonagh messaged me during the craziness of cart close...

JUST to say how much she loved being able to press 'send' on her launch emails without a lick of edits 🎉

"I’m so used to having to rewrite all the emails… and with yours, I don’t have to! I can just SEND them!

I’m so grateful for you right now, you’re friggin’ amazing!”

- Oonagh Duncan

Bestselling Author & Founder of Fit Feels Good

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