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Raise Your Rates

Confidently raise your rates so you earn what you deserve and attract top-shelf clients you LOVE working with

Only 10 spots per session

Join the. waitlist to get first dibs

Join the waitlist to

Raise Your Rates

Confidently raise your rates so you earn what you deserve and attract top-shelf clients you LOVE working with

Only 10 spots per session

Join the. waitlist to get first dibs

Heyaaaa, does this sound like you?

You’re a vanilla VA/consultant/coach/ad manager/designer/[insert 'your thing' here]

But reaaaaaally deep down you want to specialize in SOMETHING... you’re just batshit crazy scared that if you DO, all leads will dry up and you’ll end up living off of Dollarama ramen noodles.

(And you LIKE ramen noodles, but wanna eat them on your terms)

You know what you do is valuable

(At least you’re pretty sure - dammit imposter syndrome, there you are again!) but the idea of charging more brings up all kinds of “stuff” like who am I to charge that?

Am I greedy?

Shouldn’t I just be happy with ...?

All those times I did really well were just flukes, better not charge more cuz at one point someone’s gonna find out I’m a fraud who squeaked by on beginner’s luck.

You bend over backwards to accommodate all your client and customer requests,

chronically overdelivering while undercharging (and secretly getting soooo resentful seeing ANOTHER email from them asking for “just 1 more quick update”. Don’t they know you’ve already spent triple the time you charged them for?? (Spoiler alert: they don’t)

You say yes to people wanting to “pick your brain” (cuz you don’t know how to say no)

And give away your best stuff without even covering the cost of your unsatisfying bitter at-home brew you drank on the call - AND THEN THEY HAVE THE AUDACITY TO NOT EVEN IMPLEMENT ANYTHING!!

Salt in mothertrucking wound.

2 weeks later they hire someone else at top dollar who tells them to do everything you already told them. 🤷‍♀️

You want to...

Confidently raise your rates so you attract top-shelf clients that you LOVE working with.

You're ready to fill up your calendar with projects that excite you, clients who show up on time, and actually implement and do their bit... so they get bangin' results.

It’s so damn satisfying to see people make massive strides.

Plus, clients are so tickled with the results that they shout your name from the rooftops and personally recommend you to others.

You do your best work EVER because you’re no longer burned out, overhead, and scrambling like a crazy person.

You work with a fraction of the people you did before, and in a way more satisfying (and profitable!) way.

Helloooooo, time for other things!  Like family.  And Netflix.  And guilt-free drinks with your besties, because you don't need to be at home scratching your head trying to 'figure this business thing out'.

Cheers to THAT. 🥂

Let's make that happen!

Lemme tell you about the Raise Your Rates workshop.

It's been a passion project of mine to help awesome entrepreneurs (like you!) earn more, do work that fills them up, while having it fill your bank account.

Here's why it's so damn important

Doing work you don't love, with people who don't light you up, and 'scraping by' isn't how life is meant to be.  This isn't some #basic lifecoach advice with glamour shots by the French Riviera, this is real.  Like, recipe for burnout real. 

And for me it showed up ugly AF.  I'm not talking about an "I need to take the afternoon off and watch Netflix" burnout, mine was a medical-grade "I didn't work for 6 months and srrrrsly re-evaluated my life" soul-shaking scary kinda thing.

That was probably TMI, and you're probably way WAY far away from that, but you see why I'm "hand heart" about this.

So let's not go there, k?

The fastest way for you to get clear on what you want is to OWN your expertise and earn well for it.  Maybe you're owning it already and you just need the support (and balls) to raise your rates.  Wherever you are on the 'owning and earning' spectrum, Raise Your Rates will help ya.

Because you deserve better.  And together we'll make that happen.

How it works

It’s pretty simple, yo.

This is a LIVE, small-batch, lovingly hand prepared group coaching program.

I only take 10 people max because we’re really doing this. No signing up for a DIY course and falling off the bandwagon a few modules in.

You owe it to yourself to create a more sustainable, profitable business doing something you love. You get accountability so you don’t wimp out. No hiding here.

Sounds good? Here’s the dealio:

▶︎ You get access to prep work and training inside the sparkly training portal

▶︎ We do 4 live group calls on Zoom

▶︎ You connect and virtually cheer each other on in a private Facebook group during the 4 weeks

▶︎ At the end, you’ll have all the pieces in place to make more dolla-dolla-bills while doing what you love (and working less than you do right now)

At the end of the 4 weeks you'll have...

▶︎ Plug-and-play tools and 'chutzpah' to raise your prices

▶︎ Clarity on how to position your gifts and genius

▶︎ Confidence in owning your expertise, asserting your value, and standing behind what you do

▶︎ Swipe copy to help you raise your prices now and in the future

▶︎ A supportive community during that four week transformation from 'just another ____' to premium expert

▶︎ A compelling services sales pageIs this for you?  Welp there will be only 10 spots available, so I suggest you...

Not only do you get practical swipe-and-deploy tools to raise your prices...

I will mindwarp you into embracing your awesomeness

We work from the inside out, my friend.

As a practitioner of Rapid Transformational Therapy™, I’ll help you bypass the junk going on in your conscious mind and speak right to the subconscious which drives you. Once we sort things out at that level, things become a whole lot easier.

I’ve been using mindset strategies to advance my career for over a decade. I’ve hand-selected the best tools to quash the doubts and hater in your head (or at least make it tolerable enough that it doesn’t slow you down).

Think of it this way - this is 90% mental. Changing a number on your website isn’t ACTUALLY hard right? *raises eyebrow*

You can log into your and do it, or dash off a 2 minute email to your tech peeps to get ‘er done. But it’s the doubts, lack of confidence, impostor syndrome booshizzle which keeps you tangled up and charging peanuts.

So let's deal with that mental stuff so you free yourself up to take action without seriously paralyzing amounts of mental drama. 

Message to your inner Regina George - we've had enough and ain't playing small no more, y'hear?

Now be the right time to get your sweet self on the waitlist

You wanna earn more?  Coo, this may be your ticket to ride.

For real though, I don't know when I'll offer this again so it's a good time to jump in now.

And since this is the pilot round you won't see it for any less than the $997 it'll be available for.  (It's less than working an hour with me - really, feel free to check)

And honestly, I'm not gonna hold you to anything.  It's a waitlist for chrissakes.  If you wanna flake out on me (really, flake out on yourself) that's not 'my prerogative'.  (Ok, in your head did you hear that sang by Brit-Brit or Bobby Brown? Nevermind, not important!)

Anyway, the waitlist gets first dibs so if you're interested c'mon and join.

Oh haiiii!

In case we haven’t met yet, hi! 👋

I’m Katie Momo, launch strategist and copy expert.

On top of being an in-demand service provider, I’m also crazy passionate about helping other amazing service providers find their ‘thing’ and earn from it #likeaboss.

Take Sarah. I wanted to hire her as a VA…

But once we got talking, I realized her secret sauce was something else entirely. And it’s something people pay good money for.

I literally talked myself out of the PERFECT assistant because I dialled in on her expertise and priced her out of my league (well, at least for this role! 😉)

I’d love to help you do the same.

Grab a spot on the waitlist, I only take 10 people and it’s first come, first serve each session and I don’t want you missing out on any more money.

TL;DR - just give me the gist

If you want to raise your rates but just haven't had the guts to, this is for you.

In this small (10 people max) group program we'll take 4 weeks and make this happen.

You get practical tools to make it easy (like 'paste and send this email') and strategies to calm the mental drama so raise your rates with cool confidence.

Price when registration opens: $997

ETA: Maybe mid-October-November-ish

This is for you if you want to....

▶︎ Attract better clients who are motivated and have skin in the game

▶︎ Get better results because those clients hold up their end of the bargain

▶︎ Do your best work EVER because you work less - so you're more refreshed and motivated when you sit down to get 'er done

▶︎ Take on projects that freakin' light you up

▶︎ Go 'all in' and not hold yourself back because you're only earning pittance

▶︎ Work less hours, while earning more than you do right now

▶︎ Have time to pursue passion projects

▶︎ [Insert your lifestyle goals of choice here]

And heck, depending on what you do - you may pay for this with a single contract.  #sweet

Of course, any Qs just clickety-click that green question mark in the corner.  

I'll get back to ya!In the meantime, if this is for you...

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