The simple way for online experts + service providers to

Scale to 10K+ months

Pop in your earbuds + listen to this 15 minute audio guide!

I share how to have 5-figure months without creating a course, launching, a big team, or building an agency

​You'll hear...

  How experts like you have 5-figure months working 1 or 2 days a week

  3 mistakes people make with pricing + positioning these offers (and how to avoid them)

  The 1 surprising thing people happily pay big money for

  The 4-part system for enrolling buyers 365 days a year - no launch required!

Featured by smart + influential brands

Oh hai there!

As copywriter and strategist behind millions of dollars in sales, I've been called the ‘secret weapon’ of many businesses.

However, being in-demand has its drawbacks...

I completely burned out + had to rebuild my biz from scratch.

I needed a better way to serve people - one which let me share my expertise WHILE protecting my time.

I realized with the right offer + model I could scale without having to launch, manage a team, or build an agency.

I'm sharing key shifts I made in this quick audio training!

Katie Momo

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