You gotta share

Your client + customer success stories

Surprising?  Nah not really.

But what IS surprising is how it works.  

Of course it's a hefty dose of social proof - it shows you can package up success and pass it along to others.

For real, there's SERIOUS sales psychology behind this.  Knowing how it works will help you make the most of it...

Shameless bathroom selfie!

“You’re freaking BRILLIANT in the kitchen. Seriously, you gotta DO something with this!”

My friend Cassie (in the middle) is an amazing chef - but 10 years of slaving away in a restaurant, she’d it up to HERE.

She loves EVERYTHING food. Cooking, teaching, planning - but had no idea what to do with this expertise.

I told her about people who built successful online businesses around cooking. (Now she’s started her biz journey!)  👏👏👏

See, the right story works because...

It helps someone BELIEVE it’s possible

This is your brain on story: it can’t tell what’s real and what’s imagined. It acts the same. This is strong stuff yo!

When you listen to a story, your brain latches on and goes for a ride.  (Remember those chemicals 'n' emotions stories stir up?  THIS!)

So it FEELS like you’ve accomplished That Thing, even just for a few seconds.

Once you have that pathway in the brain it’s a LOT easier for someone to believe it’s possible and say ‘yes!’ since they’ve felt it.

And you'll love dis...

It's the perf way to sell without being 'self promotional'

Let's face it, tooting your own horn sucks.

(and self promotion is right up there with networking on the 'Awful Things In Business' list)

Confession: I went to a conference and spent the 'meet and greet' hour alone in the Jacuzzi 👙💦

On the flipside, it's fun to talk about OTHER people doing cool stuff.

So this is the sweet spot where you get to talk about other people while growing your business.

And it gets people pushing your (buy) buttons...

It drives buying decisions

When I was 13 my BFF ordered a Bowflex off a late-night infomercial.

“It's literally just 30 minutes a day! Imma use it all the time.”

And she DID - to hang clothes off of 😅

Anyway, you know how infomercials use those ‘before and after’ examples?

Success stories let you do the same thing. 

They’re super powerful because the ‘old brain’ plays a BIG part in buying decisions - and it likes SIMPLE info.

A 'before and after' gives a black-and-white comparison that lets someone confidently press the ‘buy’ button.

So where should you USE these stories?

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