This story helped

3X this launch

Ali Daniel from Punch Drunk Soul knew there was a chance to hit her launch outta the park.

She had TONS of great ideas - but was running out of time.

“What’s the 20% I can do RIGHT NOW that gets 80% of the results?”

So we doubled down on fine-tuning her stories.

The result?

She TRIPLED her previous launch - and smashed her ‘stretch’ goal by an extra $6,000.

We'll dive into the #1 story she used real quick ☺️

Every successful purpose-driven entrepreneur asks these 3 questions

Let's see why this story works

Question 1:

"How can I get attention?"

Ever been sucked into a Netflix marathon… without meaning to?

🙋‍♀️ *raises hand*

It's not my fault I bingewatched Suits - we’re hardwired to pay attention to stories. 

See, story used to be the only way to share info like don’t eat those berries, Gruk died from them.

And since stories are loaded with important deets, we're up to 22X more likely to remember a story than plain fact.

Heck yes, I'd like my dream customer to remember me  🙌 (You too??)

Question 2:

"How can I stand out?"

We're told ‘giving value’ sets you apart from the competition.

They're wrong.

See, this theory doesn’t work when errrrryone peddles the same info. 

Stories make you STAND OUT:

👏 No one else has your experiences
👏 No one else has your perspective
👏 No one else has your customer success stories

That's one hundo percent all-original content, baby!

And as we know, it's super freakin' memorable content. #WIN

Then there's the unusual feel-good way to more sales...

Question 3:

"How can I grow my business without being salesy?"

You’ve probably heard that people buy based on emotion.

That's cool and all... but HOW do you stir up those buying feelings?

Welp, stories trigger chemicals which give us #allthefeels.

Cortisol makes us feel tension...

Oxytocin makes us care...

Dopamine leaves us feeling good and wanting MORE.

Stories are rad because they're naturally persuasive - and have "buy now!" emotions baked right in 🙌

Sweet.  So the #1 kind of story to share...

Your client + customer success stories

I know that's probably not surprising.

But what IS surprising is how it works.  

Of course it's social proof that shows you can package up success and pass it along to others.

There's way more to it tho - there's SERIOUS sales psychology here. Let's dig in so you make the most of it.

Shameless bathroom selfie!

“You’re freaking BRILLIANT in the kitchen. Seriously, you gotta DO something with this!”

My friend Cassie (in the middle) is an amazing chef - but after 10 years in a restaurant, she’d it up to HERE.

She loves EVERYTHING food, but had no idea what to do with this expertise.

I told her about people who built successful online businesses around cooking. (Now she’s started her biz journey!)  👏👏👏

See, the right story works because...

It helps someone BELIEVE it’s possible

Your brain on story can’t tell what’s real and what’s imagined. It acts the same. This is strong stuff, yo!

When you listen to a story, your brain latches on and goes for a ride. 

So for just a few seconds, it FEELS like you’ve accomplished That Thing.

Once you have that pathway in the brain it’s a LOT easier for someone to say ‘yes!’ since they feel it's possible.

And you'll love dis...

It's the perf way to sell without being 'self promotional'

Let's face it, tooting your own horn sucks.

On the flipside, it's fun to talk about OTHER people doing cool stuff.

So this is the sweet spot where you get to talk about other people while growing your business.

And it gets people pushing your (buy) buttons...

It drives buying decisions

When I was 13 my BFF ordered a Bowflex off a late-night infomercial.

“I'm gonna use it all the time!”

And she DID - to hang clothes off of 😅

Anyway, you know how infomercials use before-and-after examples?

They’re powerful because the ‘old brain’ plays a BIG part in buying decisions - and it needs info that's easy to understand.

'Before and afters' give people what they need to confidently press the buy button.

So where should you use them?

Success stories are like Frank's Red Hot - put 'em on everything!

Sales pages
Sales calls


Discovery calls

Speaking gigs
Guest features

Sales pages
Sales calls
Speaking gigs
Discovery calls
... everywhere!

So now you know

1 of 4 stories which grow your biz

Curious about the other 3 stories?

How to tell stories so people say 'YES!'?

Want my ‘copy and paste’ template to gather these sweet success stories?

Cool, I got you covered.

I use these 4 stories all the time to since they…

Get people chasing YOU
(instead of the other way around)

Create interest and desire so people go “I want that!”...

Have your PayPal payments rolling in (even when you're out for coffee with a friend)...

Book up your calendar...

Drive traffic to your site and offers...

Stay top of mind - and be up to 22X more memorable...

Score sweet guests features and get on top-rated podcasts so you get in front of people who want what you've got...

It comes down to sharing

Tap into the hardwired human need for story to connect and convert

Just $27!

Full access to the whole minicourse!

All this is waiting for you!

Everything is quick, to the point, and gives both the background you need and practical tips to tell biz-boosting stories

The 4 stories every business must tell (and how to do it)

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"Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell"

It's what all the 'big guys' do
but rarely talk about outside high end programs

It works for:

✔️ Solopreneurs
✔️ Big businesses
✔️ Low ticket offers
✔️High ticket offers

✔️ Digital products
✔️ Physical products
✔️ Services
✔️ Launches

And it will ALWAYS work because it’s based on human psychology, not some flash-in-the-pan tech or tool.

And in case we haven't met yet...
Hello!  I'm Katie Momo

As a sales copywriter behind millions of dollars in sales, I know story is the ‘secret weapon’ of many businesses.

PLUS… and this is a big one… it doesn’t FEEL salesy.

When you use story, it oozes with persuasion and lets your personality shine.  People literally can’t help themselves from paying attention.  #win!

I’ve been doing “launches” waaaaay before anyone called them that

I'd wake up early to send a series of faxes (you read that right) all across the country promoting seminars and training workshops. Talk about the ultra-low-tech version of what I do today!

I’ve done everything from advertising with direct mail, magazines, Facebook ads, you name it.

I walked away from a Director of Marketing position to do my own thang.

One thing I know for sure is the RIGHT stories give you measurable growth in your business.  

Featured by smart + influential brands

Loved by clients + customers

Is that a 'thought bubble' over your head?

Where can I use these stories?

Do I have to do this every day for it to work?

When do I get access to everything?

Will this work with Instagram/Facebook/sales pages/email/etc?

If you're ready to...

▶︎ Turn no into yes WITHOUT being salesy

▶︎ Use the top 4 stories which grow your business

▶︎ Tap into irresistibly feel-good marketing people are hardwired to listen to

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You're ready for

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