Story helped

3X this launch

Ali Daniel from Punch Drunk Soul knew there was a chance to hit the relaunch of her coaching program outta the park.

She had TONS of great ideas - but was running out of time.

“What’s the 20% I can do RIGHT NOW that gets 80% of the results?”

So we doubled down on fine-tuning her stories.

The result?

She TRIPLED her previous launch - and smashed her ‘stretch’ goal by an extra $6,000.

We'll dive into the #1 story she used real quick!

Every successful purpose-driven entrepreneur asks these 3 questions

Before we dive into which story to use, let's get real about why it works

Question 1:

"How can I get attention?"

Ever been sucked into a Netflix marathon… without meaning to?

🙋‍♀️ *raises hand*

That’s because we can’t help but be pulled into stories. And it’s not our fault - we’re hardwired to pay attention.

Back in the day, story was the ONLY way to pass along info like don’t eat berries from that bush, Gruk died from them.

And since we need to remember this stuff, we’re up to 22X more likely to remember a story than plain fact.

Ermmm yes, I'd like my dream customer to remember me.  (You too??)

Also, story is the antidote to this insanely frustrating myth (please don't get stuck because of this k)...

Question 2:

"How can I stand out?"

We’ve been told ‘giving value’ sets you apart from the competition.

They were wrong.

See, this theory doesn’t work when errrrryone in your industry is peddling the same info. *yawn*

Stories make you STAND OUT:

👏 No one else has your experiences
👏 No one else has your perspective
👏 No one else has your customer success stories

That's one hundo percent all-original content, baby!

And as we know, it's super freakin' memorable content to boot. #WIN

Then there's the unlikely feel-good way to unlock more sales...

Question 3:

"How can I grow my business without being salesy?"

You’ve probably heard that people buy based on emotion.

That's cool and all... but HOW do you stir up the ‘I want this!’ feeling?

Welp, stories trigger chemicals which give us #allthefeels.

Cortisol makes us feel tension...

Oxytocin makes us care...

Dopamine leaves us feeling good and wanting MORE.

Stories are rad because they're naturally persuasive - and have these "buy now!" emotions baked right in 🙌

So let's talk about the top story to use in your business!

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