The sexy new Facebook page layout!

Have you seen what’s happenin’ with the new Facebook Page?

Facebook is an ever-changing landscape… and this change is a good lookin’ one for Pages!

This update will be rolled out per user, so over the next little while some people may see the old Page layout while others see the new.  

Cover image

The update to the cover image is a big one!  No longer do you have to fiddle to make sure your image accounts for the text overlay and profile picture.  

You have the whole beautiful 851x315 pixel space to play with!  Clearly, I need to update mine as it’s looking a little barren now.

This gives us SO much more space to play with.  We can create eye-catching graphics to draw the eye down to the brand spankin’ new Call To Action button below…

Oooh, just LOOK at that Call To Action button!

You can’t miss that beauty!

I LOVE how Facebook has made the CTA button large and bright so you can’t miss it beneath the cover photo.  It demands way more attention than the old one.  

Of course, you can design your cover photo to point to the CTA.  More attention = more better!

Sleek layout

The bulky top tabs have been sleekly aligned on the left side – right below the new location of your profile image.

It feels more like a real website now (which I’m sure was precisely the intention!) 

If you have a business, come on in to my cozy Facebook group!  We love chatting about biz-centric stuff.  See ya there!

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